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PlayStation 4 Unveiled

I was hoping to have constant updates hitting the site throughout the PlayStation conference. But it started to snow and rain ice here. So I only took easy to carry devices to the location where I assist in video content for All Your Show and All Your Base.

To look at the PS Conference, you must remember that gaming graphics have reached a point that a monumental leap isn't going to happen. At least not like the ps2 to ps3 era jumps. So improvements need to come from other areas of gaming. This is something Sony appears to notice and has taken several steps to guarantee PlayStation 4 will have at the forefront.

Yes, gaming will still see an improvement in the graphical department; this is newer tech under the hood. However, more powerful tech means more a developer can do. Games like Watch Dogs screamed "next-generation" when they were shown a year ago. And that rang true again when it was shown running on PS4 hardware. The amount of options in that game is going to be impressive. Ubisoft is on the verge of making the "Assassin's Creed" of the next gen.

Other titles are going to do the same in connected and unique ways. For instance Destiny (Bungie's new game) and DriveClub (from the Motorstorm guys) are bringing the game to the devices us gamers own. Meaning I can be anywhere and get updates on what's going down in game.

It also looks like Sony is going to launch with accessories packed in. Like the PlayStation 4 Eye, Move (?), and others. So that people get everything when they buy the system. Instead of buying a the system, a couple games and then get home just to realize you didn't get the PlayStation Eye, Move controller and Navigation controller for that Sports Champions 2 and Sorcery.

The games that were live demoed were very impressive. There is no denying that at all, even though the live stream was bad to keep up with; that said though...the content shown was very nice to see and to hear Sony talk candidly about past mistakes and hiccups. Does that mean they will suddenly execute what they promise...that is still under discussion.

While I would have liked to hear a price and firm release date. Those will come at E3 when they can spend an equal amou t of time, but mix in more new games and services alongside a potential $500 price tag. At least for the more higher end model. Plus there wasn't a mention of launch harddrive space.

Anyway, this was just a short snippet of my thoughts. Leave yours down below ane remember to subscribe over on the right and also at J1ML Network.