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Introducing: Just 1 More Level on YouTube!

That's right! We're on YouTube! I figured a dedicated article talking about the new plans of Just1MoreLevel was in order. You know, now that Just 1 More Topic launched and Fury had it's triumphant return to the spot light. Also, I'm sure you're probably wondering what is in store next, well I'm going to tell you. Just1MoreLevel is expanding in every which way possible. No longer is the site, just a blog where I sit and write up articles around what I'm doing.

Nope, Just1MoreLevel has become so much more than that. Now it is a location for all gamers to come to and get all kinds of gaming goodness. In fact there are several ways to digest the content:

Just 1 More Level Presents (the video featuring pillar of J1ML)

J1ML Interview (where...I...interview...people...)

Just 1 More Topic (the new smash hit that launched the YouTube channel for Just1MoreLevel)

You will also see my VLogs posted on the YouTube channel in addition to new shows that I'm working on. So busy is a little bit of an understatement right now. However, I'm more than enjoying the pressure, because I know big things are being built around and off of these initiatives. So if you want to come along for the wild ride that is in store; get over to the YouTube channel (link above) and also follow this very site with Google Plus and the fan service.