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Just 1 More Level Fury: Issue #8

Welcome to a another edition of J1ML Fury! I know what you're thinking...what is this...a return to writing articles, instead of those wonderful and fancy video article things that have populated the site recently. I really hope you're all liking the video content by the way, because more are coming and will be a staple moving forward. Anyway, with that being the intro; let's get to the meat!

First up, 2013 kicked off with a major bang. In case you haven't been following along, partnered with All Your Show (the talented review team) back in the August/September time frame. Since then many projects started and we're seeing most finish to publication. Video review schedules are set, roles are being defined and a powerful network is formulating. While the work hasn't ever been more stacked; being busy isn't new to me, but this is the first time a big group appears to be running smoothly with relatively few bumps. Which is nice to see...especially since the team expanded within the last few months and there are no signs of stopping.

With that said, I've been trying to be much as possible to keep the momentum going. That isn't a problem either, but for all the readers out poses a little hurdle. CONTENT FOR JUST 1 MORE LEVEL! Part of that has been solved with the launch of Just 1 More Level Presents and Just 1 More Topic (the hot new show), but there are some new faces joining the staff. Both of which are friends of mine that I work with at the actual paying job I have. After they settle into the website some, they will begin posting their take on the video game industry.

Secondly, Just1MoreLevel is developing into a nice brand and a multitude of content is flowing nicely...just got to get it here. Obviously, the momentum on the reader side is strong (as the J1ML has crossed 22k views just a couple weeks after passing the 20k view mark). I'm also driving attention to the right of the screen. There is a toolbar there that gets you all connected to the world of Just1MoreLevel; in addition to the extra ways to communicate and get involved.

Stay in touch with the guys at Just1MoreLevel, All Your Show and All Your Base.

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