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J1ML Fury Issue #7: PS4 and Durango Talk!

Well, it's time to get the hype going for the new show coming from Just1MoreLevel. It is 2013 and with this site crossing 20,000 total views...I figure you all are ready for some new content offerings. SO! The launch of the new Just 1 More Topic show is ripe for the limelight!

In this episode I will have Tabor from All Your Base and All Your Show to talk about what our gaming thoughts are on all the potentials of both the PS4 and the Xbox 720 or Durango. Prices, launch line-ups, the tech, the packed in goodies and more will be talked about. So stay tuned, because this debut episode is coming up this week.

In other news Eprius Films (headed up by All Your Show's EyesEpicBlue) is currently sifting through the pre-production phase of an upcoming film. This will be the first "major motion picture" coming from this studio and I'm on tap for production purposes in addition to acting. The movie will be gaming related and built around a franchise or combination of franchises.

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