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Introducing: Just 1 More Topic! *UPDATED*

I've been very interested in launching a video game network that would rival and beat networks like CNet, 1UP, TechTV and G4. Back in August of 2012 I got to meet up with people that have very similar ambitions; in addition to having a web show already. So we've been working on ways to connect and expand out content offerings to better improve what we can do.

This is not going to replace J1ML Presents. As that series is dedicated to finding non-Just1MoreLevel created video content and featuring it on the site. So Just 1 More Topic will be completely separate from that. Another point I forgot to add to the original post was more detail to the organization.

As such, there will be three series to the show.

The Main/Primary series will feature myself hosting alongside the one and only Tabor from All Your Base. This however, will likely be the only series to have the opportunity to feature more than just two people in front of the camera. This series will focus on the industry as a whole. Countering business with gamer insight if you will. We will discuss whatever we want to talk about in regards to gaming as they will be based around the topics chosen for that episode.

The Second Series will feature myself hosting alongside a new friend of mine named J.T. What will focus on with this series is personal gaming moments, mixed in with multiplayer narrative and some commentary about the way multiplayer (on PC and Console) evolves.

The Third Series is still being worked on. However, I'm looking to make it more of a series focused on the history of the games business and a look back on generations gone by. No announced hosts/co-hosts as of yet.

Right now there are a few entities that form this alliance.

All Your Show
All Your Base
Eprius Films
Simply #1 Productions
Z-Wing Films

With all these in the mix we have a few show ideas on top of having actual shows out in the wild.

All Your Show (the show)
All Your Show: The Podcast (it's coming, 4 episodes have been recorded)
Midnight launch events

However, there is more we can do. For those that saw on Facebook, I've got a show in the works called Just 1 More Topic.

The basis of the show is to be "raw", uncensored and trying to get a real, opinionated voice in front of the camera. So look forward to the new show, it will be live very, very soon.

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