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In a Breath...Wait...What Is today...

The Return of Mister Tired Cloud

Holy hell. This past week has been absolutely crazy. I mean completely insane to an infinite degree of ungodly insanity. If that last sentence made sense to you...YAY! If not...

So I've had a hell of a week. Work (in countless environments) has kept me away from sitting down and typing anything up. However, that has eased a little bit (CUZ I'M WRITING NOW...Dumbass). Ahem. Let's see, I've worked 5 days of, at least 9 hours a piece, I was part of the debut podcast recording of the All Your Show: Podcast...podcast (check out the new videos of the gang at AYS here), plus I've been trying to get some time to write out a review for PlayStation All-Stars (reviewed for both the PS3 and the PS Vita).

That greatly sums up the last week, however there was so much going on the personal level...that I just don't want to dive into right now. Nothing serious, just I'm exhausted.

I will attempt to get more articles up between here and my examiner posts from here on out. Plus a Game of the Year article is in the works. Plus some bigger projects that I'm working on with the All Your Show/All Your Base guys. Which I will get around to announcing soon. Very soon!