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Trials and Tribulations

Last week my car's engine went out and a belt snapped on it. So been dealing with that for the week. Went over to my dad's to watch his house while he was gone for the weekend which provided me time to play my PS3 more than o have in a long time. However I spent it playing the terrible NFL Blitz game before moving on to Pac-Man Championship Edition DX.

I still had work to do and I attempted to relax some, but this has been a fairly stressful few months with being sick for 2 weeks, my car breaking down (for the last time, I'm selling that bitch), dealing with a constantly changing staff of people in my electronics department at work (which has been affecting the performance of the department) and trying to maintain high quality grades in my classes on top of not allowing this site or Simply #1 Productions to fall into disrepair during this time...