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Okay...More Details of the Break

Okay, I guess there should be some further details as to why I'm taking a break. There has been a whirlwind of un-controllable events happening in my life and I need to take time away from projects/hobbies to work towards straightening things out. I apologize in advance for any displeasure this creates.

Considering Simply #1 Productions will continue getting a portion of whats left of my energy this might appear that is being abandoned, but that is not the case. I feel I've established a very important thing here and can't wait to return full force to J1ML. I launched a incredibly successful Interview series here a month ago that have (thank you for Connor and Eric again). Also the Just1MoreLevel Presents has been a great avenue for getting video content onto the site.

Anyway, I felt that with everything going on, there needed to be cuts. Even if they are temporary. Feel free to post comments, sending emails, contacting me on facebook (personal) or J1ML on Google Plus.