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J1ML Interview: Eric from The Warning Sign!

Welcome to the second Interview. The debut of this feature was about a month ago and I've been prepping for this interview for a little while. So this time around I've got Eric in the spotlight. Now Eric is a blogger and currently owns the site “The Warning Sign”. I've been following the site for almost a year now and thought it would be great to feature him. “The Warning Sign” and “Just1MoreLevel” are similar in the sense of being blogs ran by one person and discuss games. Although Eric's site dives deeper into more subject than I do with J1ML. I don't want to take away from the interview though, so let's get to it.

Jeff (Just1MoreLevel): Right off the bat, let's start with you talking a little bit about yourself.

Eric (The Warning Sign): My name is Eric, and I am the owner of The Warning Sign, a blog about video games, movies, books, beer, music and whatever else comes to mind. I focus primarily on reviews, but I try to keep things fresh by not sticking to just one subject. I have had a passion for writing since I was a child, and I started the blog a couple years ago as a new outlet for my thoughts. The Warning Sign has since evolved into something bigger than I imagined, and I can't wait to see where it takes me next.

Jeff: That is very much in the vein of my Just1MoreLevel. Was there any certain topic or event that happened that gave you the motivation to say, "I'm launching my own website"? Was it a "I have a voice that I think people want to listen to?"

Eric: Writing and running a website were two of my favorite hobbies back in high school, but I was so busy in college that I neglected both. After graduating a few years ago, I suddenly found myself with more free time, so I started writing again. Instead of building a website from the ground up as I did before, I decided to create a blog to post my thoughts. Suddenly it was so easy to maintain a website, and I began writing reviews prolifically. My initial plan was to stick to brief write-ups (1-2 paragraphs each), but my posts have evolved into longer, more detailed pieces.

I have always had an interest in writing reviews so I could spread the word about what to see/play/etc. and what to avoid. It's always a great feeling when you're able to turn someone onto something that they might not have otherwise experienced.

Jeff: It is great to hear that you have a real passion for writing. Something that I run into with Just1MoreLevel is the problem of countless ideas of what I want to say and do, but ultimately I bury myself. Making the experience of writing/maintaining a site so much of a "chore", instead of fun and enjoyable. Do you run into the same problems with The Warning Sign and if so; how do you work around it?

Eric: For quite a while, I was writing five posts a week, with most of them being full reviews. I was able to maintain that pace for longer than I thought, but I did eventually burn out a bit. I took a break and came back refreshed, so I think it helps to step away every now and then. When blogging starts to feel like a chore, it's time to re-calibrate and see what can be done to make it fun again. Usually all it takes for me to feel better is to receive a thoughtful comment, and to interact with my readers.

Jeff: For The Warning Sign, do you have any big/new projects in the pipeline for your readers? What schedule of events do you have in the near term that you feel great about publishing to your site?

Eric: Right now I am in the final stages of completing this year's 50 Movies Project, where I set out to see a variety of classic and modern films that I somehow neglected over the years. It has been a very rewarding experience so far, and I plan on doing a third round of it next year. Other than that, I am excited for the upcoming fall/winter seasons which appear to be loaded with great upcoming releases. I will have plenty of reviews for those.

Here is a link to my 50 Movies Project:

Jeff: Which article would you say is THE article you're most proud of? One that every time you look at it you think "That is the article to beat".

Eric: That's a difficult question to answer, but there are two reviews that I am probably most proud of. Coincidentally, both are movie reviews that I wrote after attending very early pre-screenings, and both films are among my favorites of the year.

Beasts of the Southern Wild:

The Master:

Jeff: I want to thank you for your time for the interview. It has been a blast to talk with you and hopefully The Warning Sign and Just1MoreLevel can look forward to future projects together. Do you have any final thoughts before we end this interview that you want to get out there?

Eric: One thing I forgot to mention earlier that might be of interest to Just1MoreLevel readers is my ongoing Retro Gaming Project. It has been slow going over the last few months, but I plan on kicking it back into gear in the very near future. Keep an eye out for that, and feel free to leave comments/suggestions. I love getting feedback, especially when it comes to discussing video games!

Here is the initial Retro Gaming Project post:

Thanks, Jeff, for taking the time to interview me, and keep up the great work with Just1MoreLevel!

This was an awesome interview to hold and I'm glad Eric had a good time. Remember to subscribe to over to the right of the screen. Check out The Warning Sign as well!


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