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Ragnarok Odyssey - First (brief) Impressions

I have been looking forward to this game all year. For the ones who know me, know that I'm a huge fan of RPGs, but I favor the more traditional "turn based, big party of characters type of role playing games". Ragnarok Odyssey isn't that. In fact it is, more or less, the exact opposite of that style.

Falling more in the vein of Monster Hunter and Phantasy Star Online, RO finds itself at a point where it can establish itself on the PS Vita before other like-minded games come along. Now, I'm not going to sit here and type this up saying I'm an expert of this sub-genre or even this game, because I'm not. There could be a major twist coming that changes things up substantially. But I don't see that happening though. This IS a "loot-lust, mission based, action-RPG" for the Vita and fits perfectly on the handheld.

I've played for an hour or two straight with no problems and I've played a couple missions for about 20 minutes. There is a st…

J1ML Fury #6

Well I haven't had a very good passed three weeks. I'm not going to go into details here, but just know that my mind has been hammered by stress filled days for these three weeks. I finished up my Composition II class last week and passed the class with a 98%. Yay me! I know I know, I'm the greatest thing ever and yes I know how confident I am.

In my gaming news, The Leonard Video Game Olympics are still going strong...or as strong as they can be, considering we spent the last three weeks (hmmmmm) playing the Sega CD to it's completion. Such...a...terrible...system. John won the Sega CD round of the competition by 4 games. Less than half of his games were able to provide an experience that we could score something. Such a difficult time. However, we will be jumping to the Sega Saturn next and that is my system. To finish off the Sega CD we played Lethal Enforcers...which John owns the CD and Genesis versions of. But in case you were worrying...he will be buying the SN…


After a week long break, I'm returning to writing. Just a quick little piece for you all is that I'm playing The Legend of Dragoon on my PS Vita, LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and the video game Olympics are still going strong.Can't wait til the terrible Sega CD round is over and we can jump into the Sega Saturn. If anyone in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area knows where to find a 32X add-on for cheap locally (already checked eBay) let me know in the comments or email me at find me on PSN. I will be getting PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on day one and will be happy to game online. My PSN ID is Tridrakious.

Okay...More Details of the Break

Okay, I guess there should be some further details as to why I'm taking a break. There has been a whirlwind of un-controllable events happening in my life and I need to take time away from projects/hobbies to work towards straightening things out. I apologize in advance for any displeasure this creates.

Considering Simply #1 Productions will continue getting a portion of whats left of my energy this might appear that is being abandoned, but that is not the case. I feel I've established a very important thing here and can't wait to return full force to J1ML. I launched a incredibly successful Interview series here a month ago that have (thank you for Connor and Eric again). Also the Just1MoreLevel Presents has been a great avenue for getting video content onto the site.

Anyway, I felt that with everything going on, there needed to be cuts. Even if they are temporary. Feel free to post comments, sending emails, contacting me on facebook (personal) or J1ML…

Infinitely Interesting Find!

John and myself hung over the weekend. We stopped quite a few estate sales, garage sales, pawn shops and a local GameXchange. He spent more than I did, but I feel I might found the one thing that was worth the journey. A European import of Infinite Space for the Nintendo DS developed by Platinum Games and published by Sega. Now before you say, "Why is that so special? It was localized for North American gamers". Yes, that is true, but I have never seen the NA version. So being able to find a United Kingdom import of the game at a local game store in the state of Oklahoma made it even more enticing. Oh! Did I mention that it only cost me $10? Well it did. On eBay this game sells for minimum of $30 to $80. So awesome find.

I've already played about thirty minutes of IS and this is a very interesting game. Strategy, Tactics and Role Playing come to mind so far. On top of this being a Sci-Fi setting makes it a must for me. The characters already appear to be over the top, w…

Trials and Tribulations

Last week my car's engine went out and a belt snapped on it. So been dealing with that for the week. Went over to my dad's to watch his house while he was gone for the weekend which provided me time to play my PS3 more than o have in a long time. However I spent it playing the terrible NFL Blitz game before moving on to Pac-Man Championship Edition DX.I still had work to do and I attempted to relax some, but this has been a fairly stressful few months with being sick for 2 weeks, my car breaking down (for the last time, I'm selling that bitch), dealing with a constantly changing staff of people in my electronics department at work (which has been affecting the performance of the department) and trying to maintain high quality grades in my classes on top of not allowing this site or Simply #1 Productions to fall into disrepair during this time...So

Cross Impressions - Space Armada - [Intellivision]

An armada of bomb-dropping aliens will wreak havoc on Earth’s defenses unless players take them out effectively. The bunkers can withstand a formidable amount of damage but they won’t last forever. The fleets are never-ending and they’ll require more skill as time flies by. This is Space Armada, a blatant clone of Space Invaders. It was released for the Mattel Intellivision in 1981 and developed by John Brooks and Chris Hawley, programmers at APh Technological Consulting.

John: Wow, this is unashamedly a clone of Space Invaders; a hard one to boot. I like that the game is very colorful and it plays well, but it’ll take a lot of practice to make progress.

Jeff: This was a clone of Space Invaders; very simple and somewhat responsive. I just didn’t like how the first stage appears to be impossible to pass. I know it is possible, but just not worth the effort. The arcade industry didn’t have much reason to worry about home consoles at this point in time and I can see why.

Cross Impressions - Snafu - [Intellivision]

Snafu is a game for the Mattel Intellivision hailing straight out of Mattel, courtesy of Mike Minkoff. Released in 1981, it’s a game where players control an ever growing snake and attempt to be the last of four to survive. The game gets trickier the longer a match lasts and it’s ideal for two players.

John: One of the best games we played. It was a fun variant of the familiar snake game and it actually had a soundtrack, not just beeps and boops. This brought back memories of me draining the batteries on my dad’s Nokia cell phone; really fun game.

Jeff: This was one of the best games that I’ve played on the Intellivision, although that isn’t saying much. After all, this was just competitive snakes on a thirty year old system.

J1ML Interview: Eric from The Warning Sign!

Welcome to the second Interview. The debut of this feature was about a month ago and I've been prepping for this interview for a little while. So this time around I've got Eric in the spotlight. Now Eric is a blogger and currently owns the site “The Warning Sign”. I've been following the site for almost a year now and thought it would be great to feature him. “The Warning Sign” and “Just1MoreLevel” are similar in the sense of being blogs ran by one person and discuss games. Although Eric's site dives deeper into more subject than I do with J1ML. I don't want to take away from the interview though, so let's get to it.

Jeff (Just1MoreLevel): Right off the bat, let's start with you talking a little bit about yourself.

Eric (The Warning Sign):My name is Eric, and I am the owner of The Warning Sign, a blog about video games, movies, books, beer, music and whatever else comes to mind. I focus primarily on reviews, but I try to keep thi…

Cross Impressions - Night Stalker [Intellivision]

You’ve somehow managed to get stuck in a hedgerow maze and you’re not alone; bats, spiders, and robots are all around and they’re not going to play nice. Lucky for you there’s handgun somewhere in the maze. Too bad it only has six rounds. Managing the handgun’s ammunition and finding the next handgun to spawn are what it’s all about in Steve Montero’s Night Stalker, a 1982 release from Mattel for the Intellivision.

John: The man moves horrendously and the game grows tepid quickly thanks to that, plus the monotonous routine he’s on. Not every game should have a “win” criteria but damn, this game needs another objective besides just surviving. At least it gets tougher as a game progresses.

Jeff: This reminded me of E.T. at first, but the only thing that would link these two games together is how terrible they are. I was not impressed with the game and the disc pad was still horrible. The soundtrack didn’t impress me either.

J1ML Presents: Clash of the Titans!

Well this is a little twist. Using content created by the company that I'm the Co-Owner and Co-CEO of. In addition to being an Executive Producer. (I'm the guy in the green shirt, of course)

Cross Impressions - Lock 'n' Chase [Intellivision]

The primary objective of any thief is to steal anything of value and escape without being apprehended. That’s just what players do in Lock ‘n’ Chase, a Pac-Man like game with the objective of filling a thief’s coffers while evading the police. Originally a Data East arcade game, Mike Winans programmed the Intellivision version which was published by Mattel in 1982.
John: A poor Pac-Man clone that loses a great deal of playability thanks to the Intellivision’s disc pad. Also, the soundtrack’s three sounds are grating. Not a great game.

Jeff:There isn’t much you can do with the Pac-Man formula and Lock ‘n’ Chase shows that. As a clear clone of the excellent Pac-Man you would think it wouldn’t be difficult to make a similar “run around and collect things, while avoiding capture”, but I was wrong. Thank you Data East for this horrendous game; beep, beep and a boop to you!