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Just 1 More Level, Gets A New Format

Ah...Levels. has gone through countless changes in its year and a half existence. I feel I've accomplished most of what I set out to do, but I'm always looking for more to accomplish. So with that being said, let me jump right into the new stuff.

As I detailed in a previous article I have two new features that have gone live; Just 1 More Level Presents and Just 1 More Interview. Both of these were projects that I had being working on for a long time and it was a joy to finally launch them. The numbers are staggering too as the site jumped over 2,000 total views from the debut of both segments.

Well I've been thinking of detailing schedules for the releases of these new segments plus hyping up the articles themselves. So what I have come up with is this;

Just 1 More Level Presents:

  • A video that I enjoyed watching, a clip that I think you all show see and/or an episode from the wonderful show All Your Show Are Belong To Us, or All Your Show.
  • The video segments will start being scheduled for Monday and Thursday of the week.
  • A spotlight article will be for my production company, Simply #1 Productions. Giving clips of episodes that I find to be the best of each episode. So there will be plenty of original content for this segment.
Just 1 More Interview:

  • Focused interviews on people that I find interesting and want to help bring to the Just 1 More Level fan base.
  • Typically run at least 5 questions long.
  • No real release format, since it isn't just based on my schedule. I hope to get at least two interviews up a month.
These have been received very well as they have combined for the best week total has ever had. Over 3,300 views came through over the week these new features debuted and I want to also take the time to thank the guys at All Your Show. Great staff they have there and I also want to thank Conner Heggie for the granting Just1MoreLevel the interview.

Another Just 1 More Level Presents video will go up this week. So look forward to that and I will keep grinding the gears to get more content up on the site.

Thank you for reading and have a great day world!