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In A Breath...9/17/2012

Well it has been almost a week since the last post; which really shouldn't be happening, because I have segments designed to prevent that (like this very segment). So here we go, jumping into the past week of Jeff news.

My girlfriend (Lauren) has been fighting/recovering from being incredibly sick over the passed week and actually had me worried about her. She is usually very fired up and she just wasn't up until yesterday. She is still recovering, but has told me (and appears) to be almost back to good status. It sucks being sick and it sucks even more when I feel so helpless for them and especially her. I'm glad she has recovered to where she is and hope it is a very, very long time till she gets sick again (if she can manage to never get sick again that would make me beyond happy).

The Leonard Video Game Olympics have been going strong. Every week roughly 20 games get played and I've closed the gap in the competition. As of now John's lead is at 11, but since we started playing on the Genesis I've been leading. It looks like I will most likely take the Genesis round. Which is would be my first system round that was actually competitive (Apple II really wasn't a competition since most games didn't work or there wasn't anyway to score the ones that did, besides one game and I took that one). We have about 20-ish games left on the Genesis before moving onto the Game Boy...yes the original Game Boy.

We just wrapped up playing Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 3 (both of us did not like Sonic 3) and the last game we played before calling it a day (yesterday) was Streets of Rage (excellent game); John took this game.

In other news I had work yesterday (which is the reason we called it a day and most likely the reason John took Streets of Rage...because I couldn't veto compete against his Round 1 win before needing to leave) and it was absolutely insane. Halloween shopping has started and the store was completely messed up because of it. Even in Electronics (which doesn't have any real special deals going on besides a sale on Call of Duty games) was slammed from about 2pm to 10pm (when I got there).

I also went to a little media event to promote myself to the local gamers here in the Tulsa Metro area. Played Gears of War 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (both on the 360). However, there were countless other games being played and it took place at All Your Base. John and myself attended and mostly played against each other, but was a lot fun talking with and playing games against/with other people from the Tulsa/Broken Arrow area.