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Leonard Video Game Olympics...In the Mix

As of right now I'm down in the NES round 23 to 17. The last two days of competition have not fared very well for me. What started the down turn was the old light-gun games for the NES and that carried over to last Saturday when we played games like Home Alone and Final Fantasy. Five games were played and I won one of them, which was Final Fantasy (RPG's have been my strong point in the competition).

I will gather up all the rules that we've been using and post them up on Just1MoreLevel. Even though the current match-ups have built a gap for John, I will get myself back on top and win this competition overall. In fact I think I will try to get the existing excel workbook that is being used to track all the wins and losses; in addition to the high scores that were set by both competitors.

After we have finished the NES we're going to take a few steps back and then try making a run at the Intellivision and the Apple II. Once they have been completed the competition will return to chronological order with the GameBoy.