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Just 1 More Segment...Okay Two

Two news features have FINALLY LAUNCHED on Been a long time coming and yes I understand that I've been talking about this stuff for the past...six-ish months. I think. Anyway, that's not the point, they are finally here and that is what matters...right? Right! I knew you all would agree with me! So anyway, here they are!

Just1MoreLevel Presents: This is the segment that will feature videos that I think are must see and to kick it off I have a video from a local trio of guys that review/talk about the finer points of games. Bringing their Alice: Madness Returns review up front and center will help people realize that maybe this is a fantastic game that more people should play...including myself.

Just1MoreLevel Interview: This is a segment where I interview people...(what else do I add)...I guess it is fairly self explanatory...Well anyway, for the launch of this segment I sat down with the UK's leading Battlefront III petitioner and chatted about his Facebook page (recently crossing 7200 likes) and his goals for the future.

These are two ideas that I've struggled with for a long time, because I was trying to do too much at one time. However, they have launched and the new days are here. I hope you enjoy reading and now watching! I will post up another article soon that outlines the new format of the site. FORMAT not LAYOUT. I'm done changing the layout for now. There are countless things to do with the current layout and I need to do a better job of advertising what is already available. (Did you know there is a side tool bar that has lots of fun features? No? See?)