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In A Breath...8-15-2012

Well I'm about to dive into a new project that will be part of the Simply #1 Network. Before I talk about that though, I wanted to bring up the competition that my friend and myself are doing. The whole video game olympics thing.

He currently has a ten game lead over me, but in our most recent encounter I did shrink his lead by two. In addition to that we have made it passed the halfway point of his NES library (seventy five-ish games complete). It will likely be about a week before we do any more competing, but I'm feeling good about the competition again. Right now it is John-37, Jeff-27 (some games didn't feature any way to take a score to have a victor. So that is why the scores we have don't equal the amount of games we've played).

In other news I went to see the campaign this passed Sunday and it is up there with Anchorman in my book (another Will Ferrell movie, duh). I spent almost the entire movie laughing (Push it....Push....Push it real good?). 

Now to the original news, everyone who reads this website knows that I'm incredibly busy and don't have that much free time on my hands anymore. It has affected how many articles I put up here and that is due to the lack of games that I'm playing (except for the Video Game Olympics). However, content that I create is still being featured on sites like and with my production company, Simply #1 Productions.

A new friend that I met at work has informed me about a petition that is currently being held on Facebook for the release of the Battlefront 3. The game was originally developed by Free Radical before they tragically collapsed under the pressure of LucasArts screwing them over. I have checked out the page and I believe if the fans want the game to come out...I don't understand why LucasArts would want to reject money. The only unfortunate result from the game coming out and being sold is how Free Radical will not be coming back.

But check out the Facebook page and put down your support for the petition. Together, gamers have a voice.