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PlayStation Move Review (from Files)

(This is the debut of my files articles. It has been almost 2 years since I posted an article over there and I recently was asked to return. So to bridge my content between two locations I'm going bring a few things over here and vise versa)

After 2 weeks (2 years ago now) playing with Sony's new motion controller, PlayStation Move, I think I'm ready to give my full opinions of it.
First up, yes this is a fantastic device. It feels great and I never feel like it's going to slip out of my hand. Since it's designed to have you grip it, like the controller is melding to your hand. The strap doesn't get in the way either, which I thought it might. Maybe because it looked longer than the Wii-mote's strap. But it's made of a sturdier material than the Wii-mote's.
The game I have been playing alot of is Sports Champions (from the Move bundle, which comes with the PlayStation Eye, PlayStation Move, Sports Champions and a demo disc that has 11 demos on it [EyePet, The Shoot, Start The Party, etc]. My favorite game from SC is Gladiator Duel. Largely because you have to get into the action. The first couple of fights you don't really have to worry about, because it's just getting you ready for the fights coming later on, but in order to effectively win matches, you have to swing hard (to increase your damage output [the harder you swing, the harder the hit, basic logic]) and have to feel out your opponet to avoid getting wailed on and probably losing in the process.
Next up is Table Tennis. Now in Wii Sports you can just quickly swing the paddle back and forth and win the match. In Sports Champions Table Tennis, you have to be careful how hard you swing, where you're aiming and even how you're holding the paddle. If you don't put these factors in your mind, you'll be shooting the ping pong everywhere and losing. The Bronze Cup is really easy, til you get to the actual championship of that Cup. So use this to do all your practicing.
Disc Golf might be my third, mainly due to how the wind plays into your throws. When I first played, I switched to the Red disc (designed for great distance covering) and thought I wouldn't have to put anything behind the throw, I was wrong. I stood still and just lazyily threw the red disc. It barely went anywhere and hit a tree which caused it to land behind that tree. All in all, you have to go through the motions as if you're really playing Disc Golf.