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In a Breath...7/19/2012 Edition

Welcome back to another edition of "In a Breath..."! Now with date fuctionality! YAY! It's awesome, I know.

Okay, so I've been stressing how busy I have been lately. Okay, for the past couple of months. However, my organization is finally complete and I can start returning to the site much more frequently. As of now i'm sending in feedback towards to Blogger staff on adding video uploading tools to the Blogger app for at least Android (since that is the OS that I use). what I'm wanting to do is have a weekly video podcast and it is easier right now to upload from my phone with new video content.

So what will the video podcasts entail? I'm glad someone asked. Thank you, me.
  • Roughly 3 to 4 minutes in length
  • Discussing a current game, topic, event in summary capacity
  • Showing related graphics of subjects listed above
  • Potential sneak peaks of upcoming subjects (gaming conventions, gaming events, shows, etc.)

It hasn't been easy, but I'm finally able to take a step back and do tweaking to the formats I've been working on for months now. Long time coming, but it apparently works because my stress level has fallen over the last month; as I've closed in on finalizing the formats.

The video podcast is just one many things I've been working to finalize over the past couple of months, but it is the one closest to completion. Look forward to the debut very soon.