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J1ML G+-ified!

As pointed out in my recent “In A Breath...2” article, I mentioned the Google Plus (+) page for I understand that written articles about games are becoming hard for me to do now, but I've got several new offering in the development cycle for the site and yes this community page is one of those offerings.

So what can you expect from on Google Plus? Well this will grant me quick and easy access to the people who read my articles. Giving me another platform to entertain you all, my wonderful readers, without stressing too much about whether or not I'm going to have a review, an impression or just a specific game to talk about.

Another facet to the page is to see how it goes. Everyone who has visited Just1MoreLevel has likely read something that contained information about a company partnership that I recently had the pleasure of launching called Simply #1 Productions (which is developing The Adventures @ Dook-ed University). So launching the Google Plus page for my already in full swing solo business venture allows me a chance to full understand Google's social service on top of the feature of making pages dedicated to certain topics or businesses.

Ultimately though, I trying to find new ways to share new content with all of you and this will fill some of the void. However, there will be new announcements coming very soon about further expansion of the Just1MoreLevel website and how I can create/share content with all my fans.