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Just 1 More Level Fury: Simply #1

Well last week was a very busy week. So first things first let me go into some details about what exactly is going on with Just1MoreLevel. I'm not going anywhere and this site won't really change. With that being said new original content will start to roll out on this very site. Simply #1 Productions is a new company that will be focusing on brand new internet content starting with “The Adventures @ Dook-ed University”.

Simply #1 Productions is a company that I recently launched with a friend of mine. What I'm looking at doing to building not only the company, but also establishing Just1MoreLevel and The Adventures @ Dook-ed University as brands. Brands that focus on entertaining content. So while things won't change around these parts there will be an influx of video/image content. So Just1MoreLevel will remain separate from the actual company that is Simply #1 Productions, but they will work together.

Just1MoreLevel will continue being my website where I voice my opinions, thoughts and ideas about the video game industry and I hope everyone that comes here for that will also support the new ventures that I'm working hard on building as well. I recently posted up the Simply #1 Network article that has all the links to every possible area of the internet to contact myself and the staff at Simply #1 Productions. I want everyone who is a fan of J1ML to follow what we do at Simply #1 and give feedback. We enjoy hearing from people and want to hear what you think.

Gaming, Entertainment, Business and Networking are in my blood and I'm so excited to see these projects coming together so smoothly like they are. We have finally started rolling out concept art that range from the logo for Simply #1 Productions and some character art for Captain Whiskaaas, Super G and Rory Robertson. So go check our characters and let us know what you think.

Outside of the production company and a brand new business side that I'm now deep in the trenches of; I'm trying to get some gaming done as well. I find myself playing more and more games through Google + as it has been an easy transition from working on networking the company and having a gaming service at my fingertips. The game I've played the most on Google + is Kingdom Age. Currently a Level 12 warrior who is looking for people to help expand his alliance.

I haven't played EverQuest II in several days, because my girlfriend is on vacation now and I want to play the game along with her. So I don't have anything new to talk about from my first willing take in an MMO.