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Just 1 More Level Fury Issue #4

Well its issue number 4 and this past week was full of SO MUCH NOT GAMING! I really think I might be hitting a rut that comes around about two or three times a year. All of my consoles are begging to be played, but I just don't have the time now. Which, believe me sucks so badly, because I'm a gamer. Maybe it has something to do with getting older, ...NAH I'm only 23. That surely can't be it...maybe I'm just tired. I think that is more in line with what's wrong with me.

Now I will say that I have started playing Everquest II with my girlfriend Lauren, but I typically don't have time until around 10-ish in the evening. However, I've enjoyed playing the game and this is the first time we've actually played a game that we both can get into. Not the first game we've played together, but it is the first one that we can play together and like. Sorry Super Street Fighter IV you were awesome to play, but not the cure.

EverQuest II went free-to-play late last year and I just recently got the urge to play games from Steam and I wanted to play an RPG. So TA-DA EverQuest II found its way to my hard-drive. I talked with Lauren about it and she downloaded the free client a couple days ago. We have played roughly three to four hours of it and still going strong.

So if my attention to gaming isn't quite here with me...where is it going?

Well I'm glad someone asked! I've been working hard on launching a production company alongside a good friend of mine that I met a couple years ago at my college. The company's name is Simply #1 Productions and our first project is The Adventures @ Dook-ed University!

We have spent a month and half working on this plus a Kickstarter initiative to get the necessary funds to make the pilot season turn into the official first season.

This show has been so much fun creating and we're hoping you will keep following what we're doing as the project grows. We've been filming over ten videos which will start getting posted up when they get done. Feel free to subscribe to Just1MoreLevel (scroll over to the right hand side of the screen to use the new toolbar) for more details on everything I'm involved with. Plus check out all the links I've put up here and be sure to ask questions either here (in the comments section below the articles or email us at

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