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In A Breath...

Has Nothing To Do With The Article.

I apologize for going an entire week without a new post here. Last week was a mess with so much work being put in everywhere but here. I promise that new content is coming. Like a new Fury issue and two reviews. If these articles weren't hefty then I likely would have been able to have stuff up last week.

Anyway, I apologize again for my absence. So to get everyone up to date on where I've been.

  • Working around the clock on Simply #1 Productions
  • Designing the set for the show The Adventures @ Dook-ed University
  • Filming a trailer for the show
  • Working on scripts for the show
  • Networking like crazy for the company
  • Playing games to write about
  • Just 1 More Level Fury
  • My final in Accounting II was last week
So this was "In A Breath...". I think I might make this a weekly Sunday article.

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