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Simply #1 Productions

For almost my entire life I've wanted to create something that will leave behind a legacy that people come to respect for generations. Part of this was achieved when I launched over a year ago and I'm excited to make another major announcement today. Just1MoreLevel will be joined by an official production company called Simply #1 Productions.

This company was founded by myself (Jeff Brown) and Todd Ellison. Simply #1 Productions is a dream company where we create ways to make people laugh and build a community that will hopefully follow us wherever we go in our current/future venture. Just like with this very site I am looking forward to seeing where Simply #1 Productions is at in just a year.

Here I will provide a short summary of what I can talk about now. Playing things close to the vest until we have more concrete details. I will update this post as more announcements come from our long meetings.

What is Simply #1 Productions?
We are dedicated to the creation of comedic internet content. In the early stages of the company we will focus on the adventures of five outrageous characters as they go about their daily lives either running or working at a school of higher education. Each character will bring their own unique attributes to heated conversations that affect the world around us.

However, as the company expands we will look into more venues of entertainment. If you like what you see, please tell as many people as you can. This venture was developed to entertain people to the best of our abilities. We hope you enjoy what we do and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Where Can I Go to Find Out More About Simply #1 Productions?
We recently launched a Facebook page to let our growing number of fans find a central location for quick and bite sized pieces of information about everything the company is looking at doing. Click HERE for a direct link.

When Will New Information Come Out For Simply #1 Productions?
The Facebook page will frequently be updated almost on a daily basis with new content about the scripts, show, characters, plots and more. So keep watching the Facebook page.

The first show coming from Simply #1 Productions will air here on, and Facebook. We are going this route to improve the chances of our fans to not miss anything we're doing.