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J1ML Fury #2

The completion of Mass Effect 3 has created a situation I've been struggling with. What am I going to play next? How do I fill what an rpg fills? Crimson Gem Saga is getting more play now, but I want something for the home consoles. This debate came down to three competitors. L.A. Noire (for the detective/mystery aspect), Eat Lead (for the parodies of cliches) and Bulletstorm (for just the fun shooting, plus I saw it for $20 at my GameStop).

The winner was L.A. Noire since I believe I will get a meaty experience out of it. What drew most of the attention to the game was the credits controversy that rocked Team Bondi (leading to their closure last year). However the game was actually reviewed very well so I'm going to give it a shot.

Something big happened last week and I wanted to express my opinion on it. People build up an ending for whatever it is. We all want to see how our imagination would carry a story or plot to the very end. We all hope everything works out in the end and everything is rainbows and sunshine. That every character throughout the entirety of the TV. show, movie, book or game ends on that happy note. However, that doesn't happen. You wanna know why we don't see what we want to see? It probably has something to do with the fact we're not the ones writing the story. Everything in life ends whether it's good or bad; whether we like how it ends is a completely different story. Bioware spent over six years working tirelessly to write a story for Mass Effect. I for one liked how things ended with Mass Effect 3. I was in that galaxy alongside Shepard and saw characters I liked die based on my decision. A story develop around how I was in this realm. When the credits finally rolled I was satisfied, a little disheartened that it had finally concluded, but satisfied.

What I'm getting at is in my head I got the ending I wanted. My decisions, my actions, my journey ended with the galaxy finding piece once again. There will always be people who say they could do a better job. Well if you can that's great, prove you can. Spend the resources needed to create a work of art that is better than Mass Effect. More power to you, I will be there in line to buy a copy of whatever format you develop it on. However, Bioware made a business decision within the last week. They decided they were going to release an "Extended Cut" of the Mass Effect 3 ending. Sure Mass Effect 3 wasn't just ending the story of a single game. It had to bare the burden of ending an entire trilogy as well.

All this "Extended Cut" is doing is trying to get as many of the whining people to whine a little less. Improving the chances of you buying more Mass Effect in the future. They tossed aside the creative integrity of the story for the sake of selling more product.

Anyway, that's it for this issue. I hope there is something from this article that you enjoyed or got you thinking about something deeper.