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Dook-ed University

I would like to introduce you all to the first show being created by Simply #1 Productions. What I have here can be found on the Facebook page here, but I wanted to bring another avenue for everyone to find the most up-to-date information on the venture. Bring your feedback and your questions.

Welcome to Dook University. A place where you can reach your hopes and dreams once they bring in a new staff. On the verge of being shut down, the schools drastic measure to hire a new Dean is the only hope they have to carry on the Dook name. This group of teachers truly have the best intentions, however; their drive is over-powered by their idiocracy. While they try as hard as they can to help students succeed, they fail miserably. Meet our prestigious staff:

Captain Whiskaas

A 5 O’clock shadow bearing breed of a woman constructed of the body of an over-sized walrus and the buttocks of a hippopotamus. People constantly mistake her for a male due to the constant stubble on her face or a wild animal because of her morbidly obese figure which she maintains by consistently shoving candy bars in her mouth.

Super G

A very intelligent man of age 80 that often times gets lost in the topics of World War 1 (while not actually serving), World War II (where he stubbed his toe when getting off the plane in Berlin, fell down to ground where he broke both of his legs and was sent home) and gardening (however he lives in an apartment on the 4th floor). Has a Ph.D. in International Business, Ph.D. in Applied Marketing Tactics and a Ph.D. in World Literature. He's a slender man who doesn't have much muscle left due to the aging of his body, a full head of white hair and always looks like a business person about to negotiate the best deal. Enjoys animal crackers and dislikes Captain Whiskaaas, because she always takes his lunch which he needs to eat before taking his old man medicine.

Mr. Fuchsia

At first glance of dean Fuchsia, one might assume that he is a freshly out of the closet homosexual due to his flamboyantly put together outfits consisting of pastel colors and out of season ties. Hired only 6 months ago, his sole purpose was to prevent the schools inevitable failure, which is now worse than it was before he was hired. He is a man of medium build with pale skin which is caused by him never leaving his office. One might think Mr. Fuchsia lives with his mother, however; he is actually married to a surprisingly stunning wife. Although the odds are against him, he leads the others with his head held high and a smile on his face (just because we drew the smiley face like that in the beginning and didn't want to change it).

Rug B. Johnson

Manufactured as a Dartboard, and for some reason given the ability to talk (because we wrote it that way) Rug B. has been kicked while he's is down for most of his product life. This added with his flamboyantly homosexual preference and inappropriate comments towards Mr. Fuchsia makes him the target for much expected hatred. People often throw darts at him (literally and figuratively) as a way to bring Rug B. down in a society empowered by heterosexual people.

Rory Robertson

Being from Shreveport, Louisiana, people chalk her terrible vocabulary up to being part Cajun. What they don't know is that Rory is mentally retarded. Standing 5'5" tall, she is universally hated by the entire group of teachers (mainly because they cannot understand her and have dubbed her "R Girl"). She loves traveling to exotic places, and by exotic we mean places like Dickinson, North Dakota and Apple Valley, Utah. Her love for her school is annoying and usually gets her thrown out of the teachers’ lounge. But she always comes through when they need her most.