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Busy, Busy, Busy

Well this is 2012 and I didn't expect to be this slammed with so many aspects from my life away from Just 1 More Level. I knew I was going to be busy with the student organizations I run, my academics and everything else that I'm part of. In addition to making sure I've got adequate time for my wonderful girlfriend who is putting up with my incredibly scattered self.

Of course with this current whirlwind of lining everything out for the year of 2012 there have been some very difficult moments in scheduling for myself. I'm just being completely honest here in saying that I've got a myriad of things on my plate right now and I'm attempting to trudge through. Now I don't normally apologize for almost anything, but I do feel that, in this instance I need to, because I haven't been able to get a new article up in almost a week. I hope that things will slow down a little bit more in the coming weeks. The unfortunate thing about starting off a year with so much ridding on me (President of of one group, Chief Financial Officer for another and a Consultant for a third) is it has been a rush of responsibilities and I don't want to just start slapping articles up on the site just to say that I have been posting new content. When in reality it's crap stuff trying to fill space and keep the reader base that I've gained over the short amount of time that this site has been operational.

In the short term there isn't a scheduled return to the site for me, but I hope you all stay with Just 1 More Level, because there are articles that I'm wanting to write and get out there for your reading pleasure. To break some of the barriers that separate my time here and the other aspects of my life you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter with either the use of Tridrakious or Jeff Brown. Feel free to message me there and of course I will still make an attempt at writing bits and pieces to the articles I'm working on currently.

As always I appreciate the fan base of Just 1 More Level and I hope a few writing opportunities open up for me to bring new articles to J1ML.