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Notice A Change?

Have you noticed anything different around here? No? Well, you must be new. If that's the case then step to the side. This article is for the ones who have been reading the blog before the changes. (don't worry I will get back to you newcomers with some great information). Blogger (the hosting site for this blog) has introduced some new features in a phased roll out method. It began with an expanded dashboard that produced a clearer view the "behind the scenes" tools that run the site. Recently however, those new features have invaded the formatting of the blogs hosted under Blogger with Dynamic views.

Dynamic views have allowed me to design and customize a futuristic new layout for everything that goes on this blog. Over the next couple of weeks I might try out some new ways of blog layout and I hope you all enjoy the experiment.

For all the newcomers to Just One More Level here are some great ways to contact me

PSN: Tridrakious
Xbox Live: Tridrakious
Wii: 2113 4357 4455 8985
3DS: 1461 6278 8911

Feel free to contact me to game.