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The Life Update! Edition 1

Welcome to the new article that will become a regular segment here. As you all well  know...probably....I've become a very busy person. Granted it is through my own ambition, but busy none the less.

Anywho, things ARE settling down much more now than in the previous couple months and honestly, I've gone a little crazy. What with not having to run around all the time trying to meet deadline after deadline after deadline. It really got exhausting making sure everything was done. So with this free time you are probably thinking I'm getting more time in to game and you would be somewhat right. I have been playing more games, but not completing them. Gears of War 3 is the only game I had been able to set my sights on. Of course I had the added motivator of playing alongside a good friend of mine through the amazing co op campaign (shocking to see some of those things happen. All the explosions and death and whatnot) and outside of that one game, well I have been sporadically playing other games in bite sized pieces. Yu Gi Oh! 5d's Tag Force 5, Star Fox 64 3D and CSI: Fatal Conspiracy....I'm not proud of that last one.

What I want to accomplish with the brand new segment is to let you (the reader) into the inner workings of the people here (act like there is more than just Justin and myself.....Hey Steve, how are you doing today? That sounds swell) and hopefully establish more of a bond with the wonderful people who frequent the site daily.