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Hello everyone! It has been a LOOOOONG time since my last post and for that I am sorry. I have been very busy and things slipped from my mind. Anyway, I have been very busy since my last post and have played quite a few games since then so here is the first post that should have been written back in June when the game from the amazing developer Atlus was released, Catherine.

From the marketing of Catherine, most people saw it as an adult game but, my friends, I tell you this is not the case. Actually the stuff that is shown in the trailers concerning sexual things is as far as they go. The game is so much more than a pretty girl and some sexual content. Here's a quick rundown:

Vincent, the main character, has been together with his girlfriend Katherine for longer than he can remember. Its been years. Katherine wants to settle down and get married but Vincent isnt so sure about wanting to change things. He likes everything the way it is. Later that nite as Vincent is at his favorite bar, the young and beautiful Catherine(Yes theyre both named Catherine/Katherine) comes and sits next to him while he is drinking and strikes up a conversation. Fast forward to the next morning and Vincent wakes up and notices Catherine is next to him in bed. Not being able to remember a thing from the nite before Vincent starts freaking out. Catherine wakes up and gets on top of him telling him how amazing last nite was and that she cant wait to see him again. Right as Vincent is about to tell her that he has a girlfriend Catherine looks at him, leans in really close and says "Youll never cheat on me right? Cause if you do Ill have to kill you." She pulls away and after a second starts laughing saying how he looked so scared.

So there you have it. That is how the wheels of fate begin turning in Catherine. Throughout the rest of the game you have to make choices and decide which C/Katherine you want to be with. Its somewhat like a dating sim with a fantastic story and great gameplay elements. Now onto the gameplay. Ill admit, the way the game plays is different than what is out nowadays. If you remember Q*Bert you kinda know what I mean. Its a puzzle game. You start out at the bottom of a tower of blocks and you have to push and pull blocks to climb the tower and escape the area before you die. There are boss stages as well. Each boss stage is different but the goal is the same: Get to the top of the tower. But each boss stage has a special element to it that makes it even harder. One will make the blocks your standing on ice so that you go flying off the tower while another will make the blocks start to decay. If by chance the boss catches up to Vincent the boss will kill him in a special way, whether it be with a gigantic fork or bullet. The gameplay looks and sounds like it wouldnt be much fun but once you get into it and learn some techniques from the NPC's you really get into it. In between each stage you go to a meeting place of sorts where you can buy items and talk to other people who look like sheep... Yes sheep. Each sheep is a person in real life and as you play you find out who is who. Its here that you can learn new techniques on how to scale the towers and let me tell you there are some really interesting ways to place the blocks.

The other fantastic gameplay mechanic is the choice to be a good guy, a bad guy or a guy who just doesnt really care and is neutral to both sides. This is shown on a meter going from red(bad) to blue(good). During the daytime Vincent is usually in one restaurant or bar and you can talk to the denizens there and learn more about them and the story. Some of the conversations you have will help determine if the person will survive through the nite and live to see the next day. Each person will have a question that they will ask you and you can choose what answer you want to give and you will get a good or bad morale boost. The same happens at the end of each meeting place as well. The mysterious voice of the game will ask you a question each time you enter a tower to climb. Some of the questions are really vague in the degree that what you think would be considered a "good side" answer will actually make your meter point more to the "bad side". Ill admit I had some questions that I had to sit and think about for a minute or two. The game really makes you think before you answer.

And lastly I come to the part where the game SHINES: The story. The story of Catherine is by far one of the best I have ever played. There are some really awesome twists to it and the parts where it looks like Katherine may see Catherine are hilarious because Vincent's reactions are amazing! There isnt a dull part to the story at all. It is also hilarious to boot. Vincent's dealings with both K/Catherine's and his reactions are priceless! There are a total of six different endings: A good ending, an evil ending and a neutral ending and each ending has a good or bad variant to it. Now the ending I got, I wont spoil it, I went through and played to be a good guy the best I can. I did pretty good. The ending was amazing. I went online and watched the rest of the endings and I must say that there is no terrible ending to the game. They are all amazing.

So that my friends is the fantastic game Catherine. Overall I would give it 8.5/10. The only area that the game wasnt the best in was the art style. Personally I think the game should have been done completely in anime style. It wasnt bad but it could have been done better. Catherine is one of the best games I have played this year and if I had the time to play through and get the other endings I would do it in a heartbeat.