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Here's, What I'm Playing, Gears of War 3

To fill the void of Currently Playing (insert week corresponding to the post) comes "What I'm Playing". This will be a much more responsive article to better portray what I'm actually playing. The previous segment highlighted the games I was wanting to play for the week, but some I never actually got around to playing. This article will also have some background on the games themselves. Somewhat like "on the spot" first impressions. So here is what I'm playing.

Xbox 360: Gears of War 3, starting playing the conclusion of the Gears trilogy with my good friend John through the co-op campaign. So far the game has been pretty amazing. Graphically there are some rough spots, but overall I believe it sets a new graphic bar for the 360. Game play has been incredibly fun and they have incorporated new weapons into the mix. Such as a giant cleaver and the retro lancer. The characters at times seem to still suffer from being too sluggish, but that isn't noticeable when you are using the execution kill of the Retro Lancer. It allows you to freely charge up to kill your enemies in stylized fashion. There is a small meter that depletes the longer you hold the B button down. Most of the time I didn't get stopped until I impaled either a Lambent or a Lucust.