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What's Up? The Update July 7th 2011

Welcome to a new surprise segment here at Just One More Level. Any of the people who write on the site can come in and just post random articles (if we don't have anything ready to go out) talking about themselves and the things going on around them.

For the initial article we're going to focus on....ME! Haha. Anyway, today is going to be a very busy day again for me. To start things off I'm was in my Comp 1 class waiting for the instructor to lay on an essay for us to work on. When we went on the first break of the day myself (the President of my campus' student run Business Leaders of Tomorrow organization) and the Vice President of BLT met up with the President of our college campus to discuss the future planning of our 9/11 Memorial Event that BLT is construction. In addition to that, we sold pizza on the 2nd and 3rd breaks in between our school's hours.

After school we held the Business Leaders of Tomorrow group meeting, where the important topics of the group are openly discussed within officers and members that show up. For instance today's topic is the 9/11 event and brainstorming ideas that will compliment the core concept we have where a political figure within the state of Oklahoma will come in and give a Memorial speech to people in attendance and the potential news channels that would come in and record the whole thing.

Anyway, it will be great to see this brand new recurring segment used in the future and see how it grows. I hope you enjoy and feel free to post in the comments below.