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Currently Playing Week of July 10th 2011

Well I'm now narrowing down again with the games I'm playing, because I beat Vanquish on Saturday (July 9th). So here is what I'm currently playing. (Remember if it's not listed, I'm not playing anything on it)

PSP- Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 5 (yep, I am)
3DS- Suikoden: Tierkreis (Yes it's a DS game)
Android- Words with Friends (it's addicting)
Tablet (Android Cruz Tablet)- Sudoku

I have no idea what I'm going to pick up and play on the PS3 right now, because I'm kinda wanting a break but I want to return to inFAMOUS. Some candidates right now are KillZone 3 and Dragon Age II. At least for the "new" game experiences. inFAMOUS might get thrown in as a side game to play.

Give suggestions in the comments below.