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Just Another Expansion

I know I said in my recent post that the articles would start to dry up some with Dragon Force consuming my life's free time and Star Ocean doing the same to Gambit, but this is about the expansion of the site itself.

So taking some time out to advertise some of the new features present on the site, like:

1) Popular Posts: This will show what everyone is viewing the most. If you don't like the top three, then get out there and promote the articles you do like. Bring the attention of the masses to this site! As pointed out, this is the Top 3 most viewed articles on J1ML based on page views. In order to increase that number you have to go into the article.

2) Blog Archive: It's back, I told you it would return. Just One More Level has reached over 20 posts (and more coming everyday). So to make it easier to find articles posted that you love to read, you can find them easily through this feature.

3) Reviews: This has been added to give a dedicated section of the site for readers to see what we think about the games we've completed.


I'm currently working on a new layout for the site. Changing things around now that there is so much going on here at Just One More Level. So look forward to that.