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Expansion of J1ML

As you readers have likely noticed, things are slowly starting to change on the site already. I've been going through the bland site I have now and mapping out my future vision. Since launching just a few days ago I've been looking deeply into the future. I'm very pleased with how this site currently is, but expansion is always needed. So without further ado here are some of the new changes.

My Favorite Blogs - I'm going to start creating a list of my favorite blogs run by my friends or industry insiders that I believe to be the best. The first inductee to my list is *drum roll and the 50' tall screen behind me shows..... "My Brain on Games", a close friend of mine by the name of John (the guy I played KillZone 3 co-op with a couple days ago) runs this site. John fills this site up with his own take on all things within the video game industry....and produce. Creating personal constructive reviews of games he's playing or played, in depth journals and posting his current goings on in his life. Any self-respecting gamer should check out his site. Which is full of great reading material and a fantastic writing style that you will want more of.

My Favorite Sites - This is where you will see some of the sites that help me create my opinions on this multi-billion dollar industry. The first inductees here are the official "PlayStation Blog", the go to source for first hand announcements and game trailers.With the occasional interview with game developers/publishers. "PS3trophies" (PS3 trophy hunters should already know about this site), a site devoted to tracking down each and every trophy news available in each and every PS3 game available. A must have bookmarked site for the Trophy Hunter in all of us. "Joystiq", this site started out as a pure blog, but over time as become a leading reliable source for groundbreaking news and announcements (I just created that stat, no research has went into finding out if it is indeed a leading source) in video games. Lastly (but first on the list) is VGChartz. This site became my home on the Internet a couple years back and it has helped shed light on the industry I love, by providing cold hard numbered facts on every aspect of the industry. How much did Game A sell? How are pre-order numbers doing in Japan? Can Game Z perform better than it's predecessor, Game Y? All these questions can be answered on your own on this site.

Expansion Plans - Right now this blog consists of just one page. People who know me closely, knows this is not enough for me. So Right here. Right now. I'm announcing that more pages are coming. A detailed page about this site, the influences, the creative process, some behind the scenes look, etc. A personal profile page for everyone to read up and see me. In addition to this when the staff for this blog starts to be rounded out they will each get their own page to discuss themselves. I've also got plans to add a page dedicated to guest discussions over games we could be playing together at the same time or for instances like KillZone 3's co-op impressions, where we're playing the campaign together on the same system.

Things that have been removed - Blog Archive.....don't really need an archive yet. There just isn't enough content on the blog. It will return in at least a month's time, 2-3 months max.

There you have it. I'm always looking for more feedback and suggestions over what you, the reader, want to see.


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