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A Day in Cantith

I awoke from my peaceful slumber. Stood, stretched, let out a huge yawn and walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Yesterday was a nice day, as the day before it was as well, looking forward to what today would bring. As my sleep started to wear off I could tell it was raining outside. Ate breakfast, read the local Cantith Times, which had an article about a new neighbor who moved into town from another city. Her name was Victoria, sat there and thought for a minute "Wonder if that's the same woman from my friend's town". Folded the newspaper up, finished my breakfast, took it to the sink and got ready for the day ahead.

Walking outside revealed the storm had mostly gone away, but the clouds were still around. Fresh air and calming winds were left. "This is going to be a perfect day", I thought to myself. When i started walking I noticed I had mail, opened up the mailbox and pulled out two letters. One was from The Happy House Academy and the other was from Nook's Way (the local store that was expanding at an alarming rate, interesting that he started up his business in such a small building and now he's in this fairly big marketplace) which he since a present to congratulate me on advancing to Bronze status in his store's membership program...."OH! I need to go by there today." You see Nook's closes at 10pm and I rushed to gather things to sell, because I'm still working on paying off the debt I have due to expanding my own house recently, but didn't make it before he closed.

As I rushed over to sell what was left of my findings last night, I ran into Victoria. "Hello Jeff" Victoria said, "Long time since we last talked". She was the same person from my friend's town. She had moved into Midge's old house, who had just the other day moved out of town, and was still in the process of unpacking her things. "I just wanted to say hi and that I moved to Cantith. I won't take up your time though." Just like that she started heading back to her new house and I was off to Nook's.

When I arrived at Nook's, he greeted me with his usual "Welcome! Please, please, browse all you like!" greeting. "You would think he would change that up from time to time, but nope. It's the same line he's been using since he opened the original store. I guess it's just a salesman thing" I said to myself. As I approached up to Tom Nook and began pulling out all the things I had retrieved from the town so far and that I was looking to sell. From pears, oranges and shells to unused furniture and clothes. After a little bit he totaled the amount he would pay for my items. "For all of that, I'll give you 3,740 Bells", he told me. "Not to bad" I thought to myself. Took the money, told Mr. Nook bye for now and was off to find more things. All to assist keeping the town nice and clean....

(This is just a tiny amount of what I have done and will do today. There is way to much stuff that goes on, so I will just do these bite sized journals from each day in my town of Cantith. Hope you enjoy the read)