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A Day in Cantith April 27, 2011

Everyone around town is talking about my new basement. Saying they should use me as motivation to complete their homes the way they want them. It's an interesting (but kind of annoying) theme around town. I mean, how do they know what I've done with my house??? I haven't invited them are they just complementing me on having it completed? Have they broken into my house? So many questions.

Of course while I'm pondering that I find out that Freckles has moved out of my town. Which now makes two who have moved. Midge was first and at least she sold her house (which Victoria moved into), but Freckles has nothing left standing from where his house was at. I don't know why they moved away and why there isn't more people moving in. It's frustrating. The town is coming along nicely. Oh well. Hopefully everyone else remains here, because I love Cantith and the people who come here.

Anywho, this past Sunday we celebrated Bunny Day in town. Zipper T Bunny came through and hid eggs throughout the town and if you found the ones that had bunny foil in it he would redeem it from a Bunny Day themed piece of furniture. I believe I received all the pieces. I've decided that my basement will be designed to fit the holiday themes that come through town.