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A Day in Cantith April 20, 2011

Today was like most days in Cantith. So many things need to be done and everyone around town is getting excited for the weekend. Which to be honest I'm getting excited as well, two events are scheduled, the Flea market returns and Zipper T will be in town. Can't forget that K.K. Slider will be in town on Saturday to play music in the cafe. This weekend is packed. I CAN"T WAIT! Anywho, I'm closing in on paying off the debt I incurred from remodeling my house recently. Have knocked it down to roughly 120,000 bells. Once that is paid off, I might be in the mood for even more remodeling. Would like an even bigger bedroom, but I don't know if that is in the cards right now. Need extra space, very crowded as it is. Might tie it to "pack rat syndrome", but won't go that far yet. I mean everything has a purpose.....right?