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Hello, hope everyone has had a good 2019 so far.

It's been awhile, have had quite a roller coaster in the last year and half...

With that being said, new content is in the works. Full development is happening now and new videos will be coming soon to the YouTube channel. It's been a crazy ride getting everything set up again, but I've honestly missed creating content. Hopefully there is still a spot out there for me in this evolving world.

Stay tuned to a new Facebook page, new content on the YouTube channel and brand new ventures with some familiar and some new faces! Got a show called "In the Mind of Tri" planned for the channel, just a simple, talking about the current events and landscape of gaming through my eyes. Even looking at relaunching Just 1 More Topic as well. So, fun stuff is coming!

Working on a some new features for the site as well, as the blogger system is getting outdated rapidly and it appears to have been abandoned by Google almost entirely.