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Grand Kingdom (PS4) Review

Grand Kingdom has been on my radar ever since it released a few years ago for the PlayStation Vita and PS4. Seen as a spiritual successor to Grand Knights History (released in Japan back in 2011 for the PSP), Grand Kingdom grants access to a guild of mercenaries and four warring nations (Landerth, Fiel, Valkyr, Magion) to play a tactical game of RPG "chess". There are 17 classes to choose from (some are typical palette swaps, so I would say that it's more like 14 or 15 different classes) and each one learn skills/passive abilities at their own pace and according to the class they are. And together you can recruit up to 50 members that can go on to make six groups of four; so there happens to be plenty of team building strategy.

Lancer, Paladin, Valkyrie and Fighters are great for getting up close and personal to the enemy, whereas you'd want to keep your Shaman, Witch, Archanist and Medics behind your front line.
Now there are Hunters, Archers, Challengers (they thr…