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Just 1 More Interview: Courtagonist

First off, I just wanted to thank you for doing this. Could be considered a little unorthodox to handle an interview this way, but I also figure it's easier. To add some backstory before diving into the interview all at once; you and I met during the All Your Show days WAAAAAY back in the olden days of 2011 or so. Back when we were writing, acting and “producing” original videos in addition to video game reviews. And I must say that you were so incredible to work with. Your personality made everything so enjoyable and fun and I always wished that we would have been able to join back up and work on new projects, but after everything dissolved, we all just went our separate ways. But anywho, that’s in the past and now you’ve got your own website while being a teacher. So let's get to it!
Jeff -What inspired you to launch the site or were there other reasons that fed that fire to launch “A Cozy Guide to Mysteries”? Did your experience with All Your Show help fuel the passion to cre…