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God of War at Paris Games Week for PS4

God of War was the brain child of David Jaffe way back in the early 2000's and originally was meant to be a one and done type of deal. However, the first game was a sales beast and the PlayStation fan base fell in love with loud mouth Kratos and his story of redemption.

Now, following the destruction of the Greek pantheon (spoiler's been seven-ish years...), Kratos has gone through a full on transformation. Now sporting a beard and having a child that he hasn't killed...(spoiler alert...again...COME ON! THAT WAS TWELVE YEARS AGO!), yet. And set in Norse out Odin, Kratos is not a nice man. Nice man he is not.

The game is still a ways out, but seems to be gaining momentum and will obviously be a huge release for the platform in 2018.

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