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God of War at Paris Games Week for PS4

God of War was the brain child of David Jaffe way back in the early 2000's and originally was meant to be a one and done type of deal. However, the first game was a sales beast and the PlayStation fan base fell in love with loud mouth Kratos and his story of redemption.

Now, following the destruction of the Greek pantheon (spoiler's been seven-ish years...), Kratos has gone through a full on transformation. Now sporting a beard and having a child that he hasn't killed...(spoiler alert...again...COME ON! THAT WAS TWELVE YEARS AGO!), yet. And set in Norse out Odin, Kratos is not a nice man. Nice man he is not.

The game is still a ways out, but seems to be gaining momentum and will obviously be a huge release for the platform in 2018.

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More From Detroit: Become Human

David Cage knows how to make super surreal game world's. Ones that pluck you out of your entire mindset and force you to face difficult/uncomfortable decisions. And how the world around you is a pretty fucked up place.

Detroit: Become Human is another grand storytelling of androids living in a world where they find out they are just machines and try to cope with what it feels like to be human. What will your choices be? What will happen in your story?

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Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch

We have known that Sucker Punch has been toiling away at a new IP for a long time. First surfacing about three years back. However, Paris Games Week is where Sony decided to unveil the long awaited game.

This is a very intriguing game and a ballsy move on Sucker Punch to more this far away from the development style that spawned Sly Cooper and inFAMOUS.

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Spider-Man at Paris Games Week

The bookend game announcement at Sony's E3 conference got people incredibly hyped for the webslinger's return to the spotlight and boy did it not disappoint.
PlayStation took this opportunity to show off more of Insomniac's upcoming Spider-Man action game!

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Paris Games Week: The Last of Us II

Sony has been riding a massive wave of momentum since the early days of the PS4's hype train. And despite a lackluster launch of games, it quickly gained steam with the titles that began hitting roughly six months after launch with inFAMOUS: Second Son.

Of course some of them were ports as well, in fact the port of Last of Us has sold equally (if not more than) the original PS3 release. So there is no doubt in anyone's mind, that a sequel would happen. And for the last couple of years Sony has held on to the bombshell until E3 of last year. Where they blew the doors off the event center with the much desired encore.

With this year's E3 pacing the way for a new year of software, we were of course going to see more. But it was more of the same. Sony has addressed that with Paris Games Week. Releasing a much
needed update on the eagerly anticipated sequel.

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Star Ocean: The Last Hope 4K Remaster Announced

Square-Enix has announced that Star Ocean: The Last Hope, which released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 way back in 2009/2010, will be getting the remaster treatment. Star Ocean: The Last Hope 4K Remaster is coming to Japan first November 28th for PS4 and PC as a digital release. Whether this comes stateside, will remain to be seen, but as a digital release...that tears down a barrier of distribution.
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Andrew House Out as President and Global CEO of PlayStation

Sony has announced that President and Global CEO, Andrew House, is stepping down from his position and will eventually be leaving Sony after 27 years of work. He will be replaced by John Kodera, the Deputy President in charge of the PlayStation Network division within PlayStation. Of course, Andrew House will remain on as Chairman for the group until the end of the year to make sure there is as smooth a transition as possible.

This is sudden management shake-up at PlayStation, what does this mean for the rest of the PS4's lifecycle? Will it end sooner or will the new President and CEO try to push it further as he settles into his position? And what about the next PlayStation products? So many questions have popped up over this major shift. As one of our colleagues have pointed out, this could be a move by Sony to get the division better prepared for a more digital future. As Kodera was in charge of the growth and development of the PlayStation Network.

Kodera takes over right as …

Game Gifting Now on Xbox One

For people who are signed up for Microsoft Xbox Insider Program, you now have access to the Game Gifting option when purchasing games through the Xbox Marketplace. It's in "preview" mode, a.k.a. Beta, so it's only for those accounts that have signed up for the Insider Program. It'll work very similarly to how gifting games is on Valve's Steam store.

The game that gets gifted can be sent to a friend's Xbox or to their email address, then the person just needs to redeem the code and POOF! The game is theirs! Whether the process stays this way when program reaches public status remains to be seen, but we don't see why there would be any need to change it.

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