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EA's Cash Cow is Revealed Through $650 million in Micro-Transactions.

By now we all know that EA is sailing in a boat that is probably made by plastering cash all over its hull, not to mention its floors being made of gold and gratuitously encrusted in diamonds. If you want to know how they are getting such luxurious travel accommodations, according to recent reports, Ultimate Team, a mode in EA's yearly FIFA, NHL, and Madden games, is making the publisher around $650 million dollars annually. All this according to the company's chief financial officer (and part time pirate aboard their ship) Blake Jorgensen.

 Speaking during a recent interview at a business summit, as reported by , Jorgensen said this astronomically large figure represented roughly half of the sales generated by digital content across all EA’s current lineup of games.

"We've been a leader in driving digital extra content for games, which really drives the profitability of this business," he said. "That extra content includes products like a Season Pass for Star Wars Battlefront, say, or map-packs for the Battlefield series, but the biggest contributor, by far, is Ultimate Team."

Ultimate Team was first introduced to the FIFA series of games, and has since been added to EA's other sports titles. This mode involves using gold coins to purchase packs that unlock different players from a vast library. Using these, an all-star team is built and can be used in online multiplayer game modes.
The gold coins necessary to purchase these packs can be accrued in game. EA, in all their benevolence also offers the option to buy them with real money using micro transactions. We are talking $650 million per year generated through a solitary game mode within its sports series…this is some significant next level gaming.
So for contextual purposes, the 20 best selling PC games on steam reportedly made a combined total of $650 million in the entirety of 2015.

This article penned by the ever ponderous PapaLoaf.