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PlayStation 4 Sales Dominating Globally

VGChartz has been tracking video game hardware and software for a very long time and their reports are showing that when you align the launches of the Wii U and Xbox One; you see the PlayStation 4 is outselling both combined. 

This is following a holiday season where both Nintendo and Microsoft had fairly strong holiday releases, Super Smash Bros and Halo saw new main entries into their respective franchises. Which with ease Sony was able to swat them away with just Collections (Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection), Remasters (Beyond: Two Souls) and repackages (BloodBourne) the PS4 was able to take the top spot in the 2015 holiday races.

So with this news, what can Microsoft and Nintendo do to increase their market share and turn things around for the fledgling systems? Well we know that Nintendo is currently working on a new platform that could be a cross between handheld and console, so it seems they will be focusing on moving the war elsewhere. But what about Microsoft? They just crosses two years into the war with Sony in this generation. They won't be able to pull a fast one and start talking about the successor to the Xbox One for at least two more years, if not three years.

What do you all think?