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Star Wars Battlefront: I Find Your Lack of Chat Disturbing

After several scornful looks that quickly escalated to threats to life, limb, and eye sight, I have been forced to pull myself away from the Xbox One and EA's Star Wars Battlefront to write a thorough and non-biased review. First off, let me say that I am a huge Star Wars fan so being biased towards it is a thing I generally do. On the other hand, when it comes to Star Wars, I also am very strict. I grew up in an age when you spent two nights in a tent outside of a theater with other Star Wars fanatics to get the best seats in the theater for opening night. With all this being said, even though I am a huge Star Wars fan I feel that I can provide an honest in-depth review of this game

Let's start with the good. Star Wars Battlefront is probably the most beautifully rendered game I have ever laid my eyes on. The details in the graphics are amazing, breath-taking even. Finally there is a game that flexes the next gen graphics muscle that were intended for the available consoles.…

J1ML Presents..."Star Wars vs Star Trek"

Check out the newest series coming from your favorite nerds called "J1ML Presents...". Series meaning, there will unfortunately be more for you all to watch...sorry.

Mass Effect N7 Day Trailer