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PS4 Firmware 3.0 Releasing Tomorrow

Sony's month long beta test of firmware update 3.0 for the PlayStation 4 is coming to an end and will be launching in full...TOMORROW! Check out the video for all the wonderful details of the upcoming new stuffs.

Syphon Filter Studio Working on New IP

For those who don't know Sony Bend Studios, they recently made Uncharted: Golden Abyss (the amazing Vita launch title) and probably more importantly than that; Syphon Filter! Sony's "me too" stealth-action game franchise that became reinvigorated on the PSP with Logan's Shadow and Dark Mirror. And if Sony's President of Worldwide Studios (PlayStation's unified First Party development umbrella) Shuhei Yoshida is to be believed...and really...why shouldn't he be??? They are currently in development of a new IP!

While no platforms were hinted at, I think it is safe to say that the studio will be returning to the land of consoles for their next title. PSP and Vita are both dead and the PS4 needs more exclusive titles, so this fits.

The Topic Episode 101 - Why Is It Always MMO?

The new era of The Topic is here, kinks are being worked out and the new hosts are in the trenches, taking on the flood of bullshit from the industry. Right now, the gaming industry is being put on notice!

Good news, two new bad guys previewed in Overwatch video.

Junkrat and Roadhog are the newest additions to the roster for Blizzard's new IP Overwatch. These playable villains are definitely unique. Junkrat brings a specialization in explosives, arson, demolition, and barbecue while his cohort brings armed robbery, kidnapping, extortion, and theft. Honestly they sound like they will bring an interesting mix to the game when we get to see some gameplay footage.

For more info look over at the Overwatch site.

Unreal Tournament update brings back iconic map and a host of new updates/features.

Possibly the most iconic map of the series, the sniper friendly Facing Worlds has been around for many years. Through the most recent patch on the next iteration of Unreal Tournament, players can once again enjoy this map. Of course we have a great deal more than just this classic map coming back; there are actually a total of three maps for capture the flag here, in addition to Facing Worlds, the update includes maps Titan Pass and Pistola Battleground. 

In addition we also see two new playable characters. Skaarj trooper Garog and the necris female Visse join the roster to give players more choices.

Last was an update to the mesh and models of several weapons including this very polished link gun.
All the details can be found over on the update notes on the unreal tournament site and if you are looking to get in and try it out yourself, its easy to do here.

Might and Magic Heroes VII trailer shows a plethora of features.

There hasn't been much buzz about this title despite its September 29th release date. It would appear Ubisoft was waiting to cram every detail into one video to really get fans of the franchise ready. With 6 playable factions, each with their own campaign, this game will certainly bring a great many hours of strategic play to the series.
More can be seen over a

Reports say Konami is dropping AAA games production.

Initially reported by french video games site Gameblog, and looking like it is confirmed by Eurogamer, with the exception of Pro Evolution Soccer, Konami may indeed stop production of AAA titles. This move would leave the future of very well known franchises like Castlevania, Silent Hill, Metal Gear, and many others unknown. The report is saying that production for all AAA titles has either been halted or the games have been canceled all together. Would this mean a shift toward mobile gaming, or something entirely new? Only time will tell.

Until we have official information coming from Konami, make sure you don't believe every rumor that comes through the pipes. Patience is key on these kinds of things.

Warhammer: End Times Vermintide shows the Witch Hunter in a very bloody trailer.

There are quite a few games coming out for the Warhammer franchise right now; it seems nearly every genre is represented, and surprisingly that will include the first person shooter too. This short but fantastic video shows off what one of the characters will be able to do. The Witch Hunter is shown as Judge, Jury, and Executioner, which is honestly what you want in a First Person Shooter. A nice variety of weapons helps to flesh out the character and make me want to play this left 4 dead-like game a bit more.

Find out more at the game's page.

PS4 gets a paid Pre-Alpha and trailer for Dungeon Defenders 2.

In a recent blog post, Sony revealed that on September 29th, the PS4 will see an early access type of event for Dungeon Defenders 2. Since the game is far from complete, users should not expect that the product they are paying to test will have all the features and content the full title will have.

It is worth noting that the console iteration of the title will have local co-op and controller support before the PC version does. The blog states that "Pre-Alpha Access will be immediately available to anyone who purchases a currency bundle." and "In the future Dungeon Defenders II will be free, supported by ethical microtransactions.". While many may argue that the term "ethical microtransactions" may be a bit of an oxymoron, it really depends on how they are implemented in the game that will determine if they are indeed ethical.

Tomb Raid "Descent into Legend" trailer prepares us for a new journey.

Microsoft shows off a trailer for Crystal Dynamics's new Tom Raider. Showing off quite a bit of gameplay footage and giving players a good idea of what to expect from this timed exclusive. Rise of the Tomb Raider will be coming out on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on November 10th and hitting PC an Playstation consoles in 2016.

You can always get more info on this title straight from the people behind it.

Wasteland 2 Director's Cut gets a trailer for PS4/Xbox One launch.

With the upcoming release of Wasteland 2 for consoles and the extra content be added to PC, Deep Silver and inXile Entertainment released a trailer of both live action and in game footage. Its an interesting site and should serve to stir up some excitement for the coming release.

The console release will see a reworked user interface and controls as well as tweaks to both balancing and combat.  We can expect to have updated and expanded voiceovers, "overhauled" graphics, gameplay enhancements, and several new features. Thankfully these updates will be coming over to PC as well.
If you're interested, more info can always be found at the Wasteland 2 site.

Elite Dangerous is getting Steam VR support this year.

VR is the big (and expensive) thing right now. Elite Dangerous has been helping that along with its support for Occulous Rift, but native support for Steam VR will be coming this holiday season. Frontier PR's Michael Gapper announced this over twitter letting players know what's coming our way.  Happy to announce Elite Dangerous is coming to SteamVR and HTC Vive with a free update later this year. — Michael Gapper (@michaelgapper) September 21, 2015
For those curious about more on Steam VR, check out their page to learn more.

Playstation VR should be roughly the price of the console.

In a report from Bloomberg, Sony revealed that the Playstation VR will have a cost to rival that of the console. When asked about the upcoming accessory, Sony Computer Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Andrew House said "The unit will be priced as a new gaming platform he said, without giving numbers." House also spoke about what the huge drive to get people to play that, saying:“VR rewrites the rule book on how you can create games. You’re seeing a large amount of interest and work happening among smaller teams, because it’s possible to create something in VR that is very simple but still very magical.”
Expect to pay somewhere between $300 to $450 or £200 to £300. With a launch expected in the first half of 2016, that will give those who want to be early adopters a chance to save a bit of money. 
Sony has all the details on what to expect from the headset, and after reading those, the price tag begins to make a lot more sense.

Drew Karpyshyn, writer on Mass Effect 1/2 and KOTR returns to Bioware.

After finishing his book trilogy, Drew Karpyshyn has announced that he is returning to Bioware. The announcement, made on his website, spoke in detail about his decade run with Bioware before he took a break to finish his novels.
Karpyshyn stated: "A few years ago I left BioWare to focus on my Chaos Born novels, but now that the trilogy is finished, I’ve decided to come back into the fold. Working at BioWare was a challenging but very rewarding job, and it’s good to be back as part of the team." 
Sadly we won't be seeing a new project from him just yet. He will be joining the Austin studio to start working on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Either way the return of a well beloved writer to Bioware is fantastic news and can only lead to great things on current and future projects.

Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay footage shows us how to hunt.

This upcoming PS4 exclusive may be one of the few exclusives that will sway those that haven't decided on which system to buy. This new footage from the Tokyo Game show shows us how important stealth is and what hunting will be like against these powerful mechanical beasts. One of the team from Guerrilla tells us that the entire world, everything that you see, is able to be explored and we can take the protagonist, Aloy, to any place we can see.  Sony has all the information on the game's page

Treyach releases 10 minute Video wrap up of the Black Ops Storyline.

Obviously there will be spoilers for the games in the series, so if you really care about the story in the games up to now, don't watch this video. Its also mostly text, so if you are really into it, get ready to do some reading.  The video gives the story of everything leading up to the November release of Black Ops III. The video will give you over a century of story leading up to what many described as being a rather shameless copy of Deus Ex. Though if you never checked out the rather humorous response from Eidos, give it a look.
November 6th is the day to look for if you are waiting for more Call of Duty, until then you can see more from the game's home page.

The last episode of Life is Strange releases October 20th.

The fifth and final episode of Dotnod's series is dropping next month. The Square Enix blog spoke on this saying "We are super excited for you to play the finale and we hope you enjoy the ride! We couldn’t have foreseen the great reaction Life is Strange has had so far, the community is fantastic and we love seeing/reading your reactions to each episode."
Episode 5 will conclude this very story centered title. I wouldn't be surprised if we also end up seeing this series released as a whole on disc in the not too distant future. 
For the players who haven't heard much about it as of yet, here is the initial reveal trailer. For more on this series, head over to the home page and check it out.

PS4 sees Prismatic Solid release on September 29th.

Japanese Indie developer YO1 KOMORI is bringing out Prismatic Solid at the end of the month. Best described as an abstract space x scroll shooter, the game will be set in an a frantic world of shapes and vibrant colors.  The Playstation blog details it saying "By defeating enemies and swallowing the power-ups they drop, you can extend the tentacles on the glowing partners that circle you. These tentacles will suck up bullets and prevent you from taking damage from enemies, so it’s always worth keeping them well-fed."
Catch more info (you might have to translate some of it) over at the game's official site.

Leaked information indicates Bioshock Collection coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

For those who haven't played the spectacular Bioshock games, there will be a new reason to. It appears that a South African retailer put information up for the remastered collection. Though it has since been taken down, the cached information is still available.
While 2K has yet to announce or confirm this, it's not an unusual move as they have already done this for Borderlands. November is the expected release date and considering it hits just in time for the holiday season, it would make perfect sense to re-release these games.
Chances are when it is officially announced, you can see it over at the Bioshock page from 2K.

Star Wars Battlefront to use dedicated servers.

Good news for players, Star Wars Battlefront will not be using Peer-to-Peer but rather Dedicated Servers. For those who don't know, this means that we won't have a "host advantage" or see the game change hosts if the chosen host leaves the game. This will level the playing field for all players and definitely make a lot of people very happy. 
While there won't be a server browser, the game will employ a skill based matchmaking system. Hopefully this will keep players at about a 50% win rate so they are always facing players that offer enough of a challenge to continually give them a challenge and improve their skills

More information can be obtained over at Star Wars Battlefront's page.

Blood Bowl 2 trailer gives an Orc and Elf battle.

In what is best described as actual fantasy football, Blood Bowl brings us a ridiculous mix of violent turn based fantasy game-play mixed with American football. This very unusual but fun mix, will be out on September 22nd. There really is no way to properly describe this game, it needs to be seen to be understood.

More info can be found at the Blood Bowl site.

The Long Dark adds a ton of new features and a new zone in the Desolation Point Update.

This is one of the rare titles that, despite being in early access, doesn't feel like a bad Alpha test. Its honestly one of the only early access games I can whole heatedly recommend to anyone who enjoys survival games.  
This update brings along quite a few new features; the first feature detailed by Hinterland is the ability to place inventory items directly where you want them in the world. Think of it as being akin to the way they allow you to move things in Bethesda's big RPGs but it seems a bit more efficient in this.

The weather system has been completely overhauled to make it look substantially better. Secondly, a brand new weather type has been added; light fog is there to add extra atmosphere and for some, a bit of fear. Weather Sets have been added to increase the feeling of realism rather than have a complete and very stark shift in weather as was seen before. This will also bring weather patterns that players can learn to read over time. Weather patterns will be re…

Train Simulator 2016 is getting extreme.

Train Simulator 2016 is apparently going to be extreme now. Some simulation fans might be looking forward to the addition of "historically significant" trains and the adjoining Drive Assist system. The biggest addition however, is the change to a "Live Service" mode which will bring updates and fixes continually through the year. This will also include free monthly add-ons as well.
Though I've never understood the draw behind this genre of games (with the exception of Goat Simulator), there is a big market for it and this will be exciting for some players. For more info look at the game's steam page.

The creators of Amnesia bring us SOMA and a new trailer before its release.

September 22nd is the day for fans of the horror genre to be ready for a new experience. It looks like Frictional Games is set to bring another title that will undoubtedly have people shuddering in terror. The minds behind SOMA want us to think about what it means to be human, and the way they intend for players to do this should provide a great deal of panic and trepidation for all. For more, information, take a look at the SOMA home page.
Pick it up on the 22nd on Steam, GOG, or PSN.

15 minutes of Total War Warhammer Dwarf gameplay.

Massive battles are the staple of the Total War series, and the title in the Warhammer universe will not disappoint. Dwarfs and Green Skins face off in this wonderfully detailed footage; witness the defense against waves of enemies in the video Creative Assembly brought to show how tactics matter in their upcoming strategy game. For more check out the Total War Warhammer page.

Dark Souls 3 footage shows off new abilities and enemies.

Footage has popped up over at showing off some of the new features in Dark Souls 3. Aside from the expected new abilities and spells, it would appear those new things are powered by a mana bar; when you spend mana on these abilities, you can regain spent mana with blue estus flask.
The boss at the end of the video is quite a site to behold; beautiful in a twisted sort of way, the ghostly towering figure will require the usual skill and patience to defeat. Again, patience is key as players won't be picking this title up till spring of 2016.

As always, more can be found at the game's home page.

Ubisoft discusses authenticity for Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Venturing into the open world, the new Ghost Recon is taking steps to bring life back into the series. Bringing a focus on non-linear character progression, players will even be able to team up in groups of four to handle the situations in ways that wouldn't have been possible in any previous title. 
In this video the some of the team at Ubisoft talk with us a bit about their focus on being truly authentic. In order to make us feel like the "tip of the spear" they spoke with experts at the CIA, experts on drug cartels, special forces operators, and even real life smugglers (I'm guessing they no longer dabble in such things).

More can always be found at Ubisoft's site.

Fallout 4 shows us why Perception makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

First Bethesda told us why Strength makes you special. They are back with another brilliant cartoon that makes ask what makes us special. Perception is the key now as it should hopefully let you recognize danger among many other things. If you weren't already excited for November 10th to be here, these videos will definitely make you want it now.

For Honor video shine the spotlight on The Samurai.

The new video from Ubisoft Montreal shows us the skills and tenacity of The Oni, one of the warriors the Samurai will have on the battlefield in For Honor. Trying to be true to history in many ways, The Oni will be skilled duelists with quickness and maneuverability on their side. They will carry the traditional weapon of the Samurai, the Katana, a long single edge sword made for slashing. Along with the Katana, the Oni will take the Kunai throwing dagger, a poisoned blade, and utilize a special ability that calls upon archers to rain arrows down upon your foes.

Coming as a bit of a surprise, we will see other warriors for the Samurai; this means every group will hopefully have a variety of warriors to choose from. Aside from giving players more freedom, the choice your team makes could alter the tactics and methods you employ.

No word on hopeful release dates yet, but we will happily keep you informed going forward.

"Authenticity is key" is shown Sniper Ghost Warrior 3's trailer.

June of next year will bring the next installment of the Sniper Ghost Warrior series. Hoping to really take the genre forward, CI Games is focusing on authenticity and added that "Combat has to be strategically implemented up close as well as from afar." While some other entries in the past have not quite been known for being a great game, CI is trying to fix that with the new title. Only time will tell and next year we will know for certain.

Fallout 4 letsMod tools launch in early 2016, Xbox One and PS4 hopeful some time after.

In a video from Bethesda,Todd Howard describes how user created content will be a driving force behind Fallout 4. Everything from the crafting system, to mods which will be on PC early next year will greatly add to what players can do. After the initial PC launch of mods, it will be coming to Xbox One and hopefully PS4 in the future as well.

The crafting system, which was described as the most advanced crafting system in a Bethesda game, looks to give players a nearly unlimited number of ways to turn everything into a weapon. All things in the game will have a purpose, nothing in the game will exist just to sell but it will all have a use when it comes to building weapons, armor, or something else.

November 10 is the day to wait for. Don't be surprised if a lot of people miss work that Tuesday.

Id was consulted on improving Fallout's combat.

Continuing their usual gift of player freedom, Bethesda wanted to make sure that Fallout 4 could be played in first or third person depending on your preference; they also wanted players to have the choice of V.A.T.S. or even not using it as a viable option.The goal was to be able to play the game how the player truly wants. Todd Howard spoke about much of Fallout 4 and stated that he didn't want to use the fact that its an RPG to excuse how the action feels. Bethesda wanted to layer the role playing onto it, saying that we can "Have our cake and Ice cream." Todd Howard also described how they were focusing on improving the combat over previous titles by bringing Id in to help. He stated "Since Id software is part of our company, the first thing we did was call them. Alright, we're going to do this from scratch, give us some tips."

Of the ideas and concepts that went into making Fallout 4, Bethesda wanted players to ask "Can I?" and be able to answ…

Gotta Catch 'Em All with Pokemon Go!

Dust off the old trainer badges and get that Ash hat out of the closet, Pokemon Go is coming to your smartphone! What is Pokemon Go you ask? Well, for all those would be trainers out there it takes Pokemon away from your DS and out into the real world! Through an app you will be able to collect, train, and battle your Pokemon in the real world. Im not joking. A soon to be downloadable app that uses  your favorite device's camera and a google pin/pokeball that pins to your clothing or is worn on the wrist brings the world of Pokemon to the city in which you live. The pin/wrist device (which I assume will be sold separately) vibrates in the real world to tell you to log on to the game if there is an important event around a Pokemon appearing! The device is said to be Bluetooth compatible with any any Android or Apple smartphone. Initial reports say that the app will be free to download and allow micro-transactions to enhance game play. The app creators, working closely w…

Just 1 More Topic Episode 100 - Just 1 More Clip!

Tridrakious' final episode of Just 1 More Topic, bring your tissues!

10 Whole, Beautiful Minutes of Star Wars Battlefront Alpha Gameplay Leaked

Yes, you read it right, if you do not have access to the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront alpha, don't worry, YouTuber Jake McNeill has uploaded a full ten minutes of alpha footage. The leaked footage takes place on the planet Hoth and looks to be a game mode called Walker Assault. It appears that the game will be in first person format and offer many different match types. Through many of EA's Facebook and site reveals it seems as though you will be able to play many of your favorite characters such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker...and by the looks of it, yes, even my personal favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Star Wars Battlefront is slotted for release on November 17 of this year. May the force be with you!

Nintendo Appoints New CEO

Nintendo has appointed Tatsumi Kimishima the new CEO after their former CEO, Satoru Iwata, passed away earlier this year. Kimishima's accolades include being the Chief Financial Officer for the Pokemon Company and director of Nintendo America. It is clear that Kimishima is no stranger to Nintendo's roots. One thing is for certain; he has some very large shoes to fill.

CAPCOM Reaveals New SFV Character!

If you are tired of playing the same old Street Fighter characters, have we got news for you! CAPCOM recently released the newest addition to the 16 fighter line-up for Street Fighter V (SFV). Rashid, a fighter donning Middle Eastern garb and a familiar Dragon Ball eyepiece, is a fast paced fighter and master of the winds. Decimate your opponents with tornadoes, wind slicing uppercuts, or just do it the old fashioned way and pummel them to a pulp by hitting the high kick button over and over (don't knock it; my girlfriend has proven its a viable strategy). Rashid is the second new SFV character introduced to the franchise. Check out the reveal video below!

World of Final Fantasy Trailer!

This is probably only really exciting for me, but I'm super excited for this game!

Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness Release Date

Square-Enix loves their crazy title names don't they. Anywho, Japanese PS3 and PS4 players will be able to play the newest game in the Star Ocean franchise in February. The 25th to be exact!

Check out the E3 2015 gameplay trailer below

New Dragon Quest Builders Announced

This title will hit PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 soon!

PlayStation 4 Price Being Cut

In Japan at least for now, that is. However, the system is approaching 2 years in North American and European markets and Sony could be gearing to do the same in those territories as well. I personally don't think the PlayStation 4 is slowing down outside of Japan, so it might not be the wisest decision for them...considering as a whole, Sony hasn't been able to turn a profit on their products...just by selling off buildings and divisions.

BUT! PlayStation is leading the charge and getting more systems into homes and getting more money generated from the software that goes with it...kinda crucial. So probably expect a NA and/or EU price drop announcement at this years PlayStation Experience event in December.

PlayStation Morpheus Renamed...PlayStation VR!

Well Sony has decided it was time to announce the official name of their VR headset. No, it isn't Morpheus or Neo or anything else Matrix-y. It is simply called PlayStation...VR. Yep. Simple. Straight to the point. (You could even stay Straight Outta....PlayStation...I'm sorry).

Ar Technica reported on this from Sony's TGS Conference.

What defines Doom multiplayer? Id tells us in this video.

Id gives us a few details on the multiplayer of Doom, including some of the new modes we will have. So far the most interesting one they have talked about is Freeze Tag, though I imagine it to be a bit bloodier than the one we played as children. The video shows how well many of the single player mechanics will translate to multiplayer, and it seems to be going quite well.  Prepare for more Doom in 2016.

Fallout 4 Video explains what makes your strength S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

Strength is the first of what the Fallout acronym S.P.E.C.I.A.L. means. Bethesda was kind enough to give us this part 1 video detailing how and why it matters. Expect parts 2 through 7 to explain everything else. Of course it wouldn't be Fallout without retro black and white stylized infomercial cartoon to tell us what we can do right and wrong.
The simple breakdown: Strength will let you carry more, which in a game like Fallout is a huge benefit. There are few things quite as annoying as having to dump a bunch of scavenged loot and come back for it some time in the future. Strength will also give you more damage with melee weapons and your fists. Strength brought along special options in discussion in Fallout 3, and we may see that return for some intimidation factor this time around. We will find out that and more on November 10th.

Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Cinematic trailer and release date shown.

From the first Starcraft, I was never much of a Protoss player, though even I must admit that they look truly inspiring in this beautiful trailer. Legacy of the Void is much closer than many expected with the newly announced November 10th release date, coming just days after Blizzcon and the final official Heart of the Swarm tournaments. Legacy of the Void is bringing massive changes to really shake up the multi-player, so be ready for this and the final chapter in the story for the main characters we have come to know for close to 2 decades now.

Its quite curious that Blizzard chose to launch on the same day as Fallout 4. It may not help their sales numbers for some players that must choose one or the other. Time will tell when the 10th rolls around and we see how it all goes.

PlayStation + Star Wars = Special Edition PS4

Pre-Orders have begun for the newest addition to the growing special edition library of PlayStation 4s. With taking a page from Microsoft's Xbox 360 strategy, Sony is keeping the momentum built up over the last two years fairly easily.

If you're interested in owning one of these bad boys, head on over TO THIS LOCATION!

Dota 2 update brings new content.

Dota 2's update yesterday brought out a bit of new content for the game; most notably was the introduction of Dota Levels. This will essentially be a badge on your profile that shows off your accomplishments, experience, and events you've participated in. You will earn trophy points (obtained from trophies) that will, at 100 trophy points, turn into a Dota Level. The trophy values will vary, and there will be new trophies added in time as well.

Experience trophies will have their own leveling system and more points are awarded each time you play a match. There will also be a trophy for those who have earned points before the patch's implementation.
Perhaps some of the best news is that players who have already spent a great deal of time in Dota 2 won't be starting at the bottom. Expet your level to be based on trophies you already have.

The extra additions in the patch are a new Treasury, a preload of the Reborn Update, and a tournaments area in the watch section. All o…

Bethesda gives info on Fallout 4's season pass.

Bethesda has started to give details on the Fallout 4 season pass and it will "get you all of the Fallout 4 DLC we ever do". The going price will be $30 US or roughly £20, and it will start to get the new content early next year. While we obviously won't get to hear much about it before the game comes out, Bethesda did say "Based on what we did for Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Skyrim, we know that it will be worth at least $40, and if we do more, you'll get it all with the Season Pass." Don't forget that the Creation Kit will be free so there will be no shortage of Fallout content at any point. With all this and the lack of a level cap, you truly can play forever.