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Cities Skylines first expansion, After Dark.

Paradox Interactive announced the first expansion to Colossal Order's city building sim, Cities Skylines. The After Dark expansion will have quite a few new things added to it, added features like:

  • Day and Night Cycle: This will affect things like traffic and zoned area efficiency,
  • Leisure specialization: Commercial areas can specialize in leisure. These areas will be quite active at night while still being normal commercial zones in the day.
  • Beach specialization: Time to add beach bars, restaurants, as well as small marina and fishing tours.
  • Expanded City Services: Criminals are taken to Prison from Police buildings. Taxi services help people travel in the city. Cargo hubs, harbors, and an international airport that allows more traffic than the current airport. Metro station addition, and now there are bus terminals.
  • New transportation options: Bikes, dedicated bike lanes, and Bus lanes will make transport better.

For more info go over to Paradox Plaza and see what they have going on.