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Fallout 4's New and Improved Pip-boy. The Collectors Edition will come with a Pip-boy!

     This time around the Pip-boy is really coming alive. Bethesda understands just how much time we have spent in their menu systems and they are trying to make it more fun to be there. We now have a ton of animations for nearly everything in the pip-boy.
      One of the best new features is that we will be able to monitor our brand new layered armor system. This will offer us a lot more freedom, just as we were promised.

We will also enjoy something else totally new; we will have the opportunity to play game tapes that go inside the pip-boy. You haven't lived till you've played a game inside the game you are playing.
Hopefully at some point you must blow the dust out of the cartridge before you can use it.

Its called "Red Menace"; it seems like a nice throwback to the old days.

You're about 200 years too late there friend.

One of the most interesting new announcements is in the Fallout 4 Pip-boy Edition.
A "real pip-boy".

Yes you can put your phone in your pip-boy, and yes they made an app for it.

It will be able to run the pip-boy in game and could offer a fun level of immersion. Just make sure you have WiFi set up so everything can connect together.

The app will be available without the Pip-boy Edition and will be available for both Android and iOS devices including tablets. The price for the Pip-boy Edition is currently listed at 119.99 on Amazon.

Amazon is taking orders here.