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Fallout 4. A few of the fun things we will see on 11-10-15

Fallout 4 is less than 5 months away. So make sure to start saving up to get whatever you need to play it. For now, lets look at some of the last things Bethesda showed us in their conference. 
Looks like you can be weird just because. I'm sure that will make some people very happy.

Burrowing Radscorpions; that sounds lovely.

Synth Assaulter. We finally get to see more androids.

Ready to step up and take on an arena? Can I bet on myself?

Deathclaws picking us up and impaling us, sounds lovely.

Bloodbug, just a really big mosquito. Kill it with fire.

Jetpack on the power armor; we even have a new HUD with it. Fancy.

Mirelurk Queen. She seems nice.

Summoning, riding in, and to a degree controlling at least one vehicle. I look forward to more details on this one.

With today being the first day we got a good look at Fallout 4, its safe to say there are things that we missed, and things we haven't even scratched the surface of yet. As we get more information, expect to be informed ASAP. Bethesda managed to pack a lot into a very small amount of time today. I personally can't wait to bring everyone more news when they share it.