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Fallout 4 brings us a dog worth keeping around.

 We have always been used to having a dog in the Fallout games; he's always been nice to have around, but this time it seems Bethesda has really upped the ante. Too often the pet is a gimmick or just a hindrance, it doesn't look that way from what we saw today.
It's just "Dog" this time around. Looks like he's not Dogmeat after all.

     Looks like we can talk to our dog, which is good if you want to actually make him mean something to the player.

You can give your dog commands and he seems to follow them quite well... which probably helps to explain why you don't have a cat in the game.

 Your dog responds to contextual commands, you he can actually bring you things in the world. Get ready to play fetch with a grenade.

Thankfully your dog can hold his own, so it doesn't look like you will have to babysit him and leave him home to keep him out of harms way.

Everything seems to point to our dog being a friend and ally more than just tool or a nuisance. Its a great change from how a lot of games have treated pets in the past. Bethesda seems to be trying hard to break the mold, even ones they've been put in previously. Expect to hear a lot more about our furry friend in the future.