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DOOM 4 E3 First Look

     First up we are given a glimpse of DOOM 4 with its fantastic visuals, deadly shotguns, bloody melee finishers, and explosions just to start us off.

          It seems Id is going back to the feeling they gave us with the first two games in their series as we feel the fast action that pulls you into the heart of battle. We see a surprisingly nimble marine jumping in combat and climbing up ledges.

     We were treated to a hologram that showed us what horrible fate befell those that were here when things hit the fan.
     We follow the hologram to solve a simple puzzle by using the dead man's hand to unlock a door.

   The biggest crowd pleaser was easily the return of the chainsaw and its wonderfully gory destruction.

       We are allowed a view of the multiplayer that seems to go back toward the twitch shooter genre with very fast paced rounds before we are introduced to a new feature: Doom Snapmap.  
This is a new feature where players can custom design maps from the ground up; with this they are given the opportunity to create new modes, play, and share with the world.

      Doom 4 was finished with a trip to hell where we saw a myriad of weapons including the BFG.

All things considered, it looks like it has the potential to be quite a bit of fun.

For the full trailer, we can thank Bethesda and Id for making it happen.